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Your Birth Month Says What Kind Of Woman You Are

Your Birth Month Says What Kind Of Woman You Are

The factors that affect our personality are innumerable. From genes to education to the environment, many of them are known and seem obvious to us. But what if there were others, intangible, who exerted mysterious effects on us without even being aware of it? This may be the case of the month in which we were born, which would affect our state of mind and endow us with certain specific characteristics from birth.

Here is what women could say about their month of birth as personality traits.

January: Ambitious
There is a good chance that women born in January will be ambitious, determined, and have a great ability to work hard to achieve their goals. Intelligent and organized, the women of the month of January could also have in common patience and a rather reserved attitude.

February: Romantic
The rather abstract way of thinking of women born in February may well make many people fail to understand them easily. Sensitive and romantic, these women are fragile but may at times be subject to mood swings and a certain disconcerting rebellious attitude.

March: Generous
Friendly, generous and affectionate, the women of March are kind and like to help and be helpful to those in need. They are also strong and independent.

April: Dynamic
Women born in April are full of energy and have great mental strength that allows them to overcome hard knocks. When they give their selective trust to some, life with them is only happiness, but if not, beware!

May: Extrovert
Often, women born in May have the characteristic of having to constantly move, go out and be in motion. They love the company and have a strong will and determination.

June: Franche
Curious and creative, women born in June tend to say what they think, without being held back by the fear of hurting each other. These women are also fun, loyal and honest.

July: Mysterious
An aura of mystery surrounds them, and their charm is for them a weapon that they skilfully use to achieve their ends. Kind and attentive to the needs of others, they do not support treason.

August: Egocentric
Nothing like it for women born in August to know that they are the center of attention. Although slightly egocentric, they know how to be generous and really care about others. They also have a great sense of loyalty.

September: Conscientious
Women born in September tend to take things very seriously. Disciplined, frank and friendly, they like things that are well done and are cared for in their work. They willingly give, if it is mutual.

October: Secret
Women born in October are among the most independent. Intelligent and strong but also discreet and reserved, they keep things to themselves, and have a secret and mysterious side that they only reveal to their loved ones.

November: Strong
Among the characteristics common to women born in November, certainly figures strength of character. These women have immense appeal for freedom and the great outdoors. Hard-working and motivated, they are also understanding and insightful.

December: Benevolent
Rather impatient and impulsive, women in December have a good sense of humor. Concerned with the well-being of others and disinterested, they like to help others and give without counting. Women born in December are also open and loyal.
Your Birth Month Says What Kind Of Woman You Are