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Children Prefer Spending Time With Grandparents, More Than Parents, Study Shows

Children Prefer Spending Time With Grandparents, More Than Parents, Study Shows

At a time when, in the majority of families, both parents leave for work and find themselves busy for most of the day, they plan to have their children sometimes be looked after by their grandparents. As for children, spending time with their grandparents is incredibly beneficial and creates a bond between them and builds bonds for life.

Children prefer the company of their grandparents
According to a British study, more than half of children prefer to spend time with their grandmothers rather than with their parents. The researchers did not stop there and brought to light the three reasons that lead children to have such a preference.

If children prefer the company of their grandmother to that of their parents, it is first of all because with her, they get most of what they want. On the other hand, it spoils them more and finally, if the children prefer to be with their grandmother, it is because it prepares them delicious meals, better than those of their mother.

The advantages of grandparents over parents
These three characteristics that distinguish grandmothers from parents are formidable weapons. But there are even more reasons why grandparents have the advantage, in the match of "the company that the child prefers".

- They have already been parents and their long experience allows them to better understand children, to better identify their needs and to better respond to them.

- As Brian Taylor, relationship coach explains, "Everyone likes to be valued and treated as important". But grandparents spoil their grandchildren, often giving them small gifts, making them feel important, loved and precious.

- They also use other educational methods than those of parents. Grandparents are thus softer, more patient and have a greater propensity to lead by example than to impose strict discipline on children.

The benefits for children to spend time with their grandparents
Watching regularly and spending time with their grandparents is most beneficial for children. Here's what it can bring them.

- When grandparents and grandchildren have good relationships, they have a better sense of older people. This was revealed by a study from the University of Liège in Belgium: children who saw their grandparents at least once a week had a more positive image of older people than children who had less contact with them.

- When instead of going to the nursery, it is the grandparents who take care of their grandchildren, they have a better development. According to a study, the fact that children are cared for by loving and caring grandparents would be better for their emotional and language development than going to the nursery.

- If in the family, it is the parents who have the greatest influence on their children, the grandparents hold an important place in their good moral development, thanks to the wisdom, the lessons and the stories that they bring them.

- Grandparents also make excellent mentors and enjoy sharing and passing on their knowledge and skills with their grandchildren. They are patient and have their own way of doing and teaching, which is often excellent.

- Because the world around them is constantly changing and when children's lives become confused, the presence of their grandparents is reassuring and gives them a sense of stability.

- According to a study from Oxford University, children who have grandparents present and involved in their lives are happier than children who do not. On the other hand, a study from Boston University shows that the depression rate of people who grew up with grandparents present is below average.

Children Prefer Spending Time With Grandparents, More Than Parents, Study Shows