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Cholesterol Medications Can Cause Serious Illness. Use These Two Foods Instead

Cholesterol Medications Can Cause Serious Illness. Use These Two Foods Instead

You may not know it but more than 10 million americans take statins to treat their high cholesterol. It is an industry that weighs more than 25 billion euros worldwide. It is therefore not surprising that the pharmaceutical industry is the main beneficiary of these sales against cholesterolemia. Statins are sold in France under the Tahor, Zocor, Crestor or Elisor brands, among others.

They have a lot of common side effects. However, there are more than 900 studies proving the dangerous side effects of statins. These side effects include cancer, anemia, chronic fatigue, liver dysfunction, thyroid disruption, Parkinson's disease, acidosis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, etc.

Cholesterol is essential for the body
Cholesterol is vital to your body and is a natural part of it. Primordial for your brain, it is one of the main building blocks of optimal hormone production. In the documentary titled "$ 29 Billion Reasons to Lie About Cholesterol", Justin Smith recounts: "Between 1994 and 2006, the percentage of men aged 65 to 74 with high cholesterol increased from 87 % to 54% ... Despite this, the coronary artery disease rate for this age group has remained the same ... However, heart disease is increasing as the number of people with high cholesterol decreases. We therefore note that cholesterol plays a necessary role in the cardiovascular system.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, cardiologist, said, "In the MRFIT [Multiple Risk Factor Intervention] trial, which involved 180,000 men over a 13-year period; men with high cholesterol had less haemorrhagic stroke. If you focus on high cholesterol, it will protect you against bleeding stroke. We need cholesterol to make our sex hormones (adrenal). We need it for lubrication. We need it for the function of neurotransmitters in the brain. When the LDL level is too low, it is not surprising that many patients develop memory problems or amnesia prior to Alzheimer's, or even total. "

Drugs for cholesterolemia cause cancer
The latest studies show that high cholesterol medications increase the risk of developing cancer. The American Medical Association newspaper said in 1996: "All members of the two most popular classes of lipid lowering drugs (fibrates and statins) cause cancer in rodents. In the meantime, results from animal and human experiments suggest that lipid-lowering drug therapy, particularly with fibrates and statins, should be avoided except in patients at high risk of coronary heart disease in the short term. "

A more recent review published in 2015 showed that cholesterol does not only protect against cancer. Not having enough can cause cancer as well as taking statins.

These drugs also have other misdeeds
Statins increase the risk of chronic disease. Statin drugs increase insulin levels. This causes inflammation in the body, characteristic of most chronic diseases.

Cholesterol medications weaken the immune system. They damage the immune system, harming your body's protection against disease.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs have been directly linked to more than 300 side-effects, including neuropathy, anemia, chronic fatigue, thyroid disorders and diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease.

High cholesterol medications can increase blood sugar levels and cause type 2 diabetes.

Statins reduce testosterone levels in men.

Statins cause neurological damage. It was found to cause nerve damage, memory changes, anxiety, and depression.

How to naturally lower bad cholesterol
Fortunately, there are some simple strategies that can help you regulate your cholesterol. You can add these things to your daily diet:

Wheat grass is probably the most effective food for lowering cholesterol. It contains the nine essential amino acids, hundreds of vitamins and minerals and a high fiber content. It detoxifies the body and helps control high blood pressure (and high cholesterol). Just take a tablespoon a day!

Take the essential oil of lemongrass. In 1989, the medical journal Lipids revealed the results of a study by the University of Wisconsin Department of Nutritional Sciences, which established the effects of lowering citronella oil on serum cholesterol levels.
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