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Here Are All The Cleaning Tips You Should Always Know

Here Are All The Cleaning Tips You Should Always Know

Which person is not looking for the greatest efficiency, in a short time, simply and at the best price for the cleaning of his house? Here are some cleaning tips you should know because they will allow you without too much effort and with natural products to keep your home clean and healthy.

How to unclog the pipes?

Because your pipes never prevent before closing, it is better to have some tips in reserve for the prevention, and to unclog them if necessary. And because we know all the dangers of chemical cleaning products sold in supermarkets, here's how to open your pipes more naturally.

Vinegar and baking soda
Pour half a cup of baking soda into the clogged siphon before pouring another vinegar into it. Then pour a good amount of boiling water.

Pour about half a cup of salt into the siphon of the problematic line, then pour over boiling water.

The sucker
In case you do not have the products mentioned in the previous options, there is always the solution of the suction cup to unclog.

How to eliminate bad smells?

Whatever the origins of bad smells, here are some methods to eliminate them from your home.

Baking soda
Effective as a deodorant, pour baking soda on tissues whose odors leave something to be desired. Leave for a moment and clean. You can also put in a cup that you place in your refrigerator.

Tea bags
Hang tea bags in the desired places to absorb and neutralize odors.

White vinegar
To remove bad odors from your sofas, mattresses or other furniture, spray on them a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water, then wipe the excess with a clean cloth.

Essential oils
No need to have chemical deodorants when you have essential oils. Pour a few drops in water, and spray the liquid in the rooms of your house.

Purifying plants
Many plants have a purifying effect on the air, giving it a fresh and clean smell. Among these plants, there is aloe vera, ficus, ivy or chlorophytum.

How to refresh the floors?
Floors can be difficult to maintain. Here are some tips to help restore them.

If you have permanent marks on your floor, spread toothpaste on it, leave it on for ten minutes, then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

An ice cube and a razor blade
To remove chewing gum stuck on your floor, make it harden with an ice cube, then peel gently with a razor blade.

Baking soda
To remove any odors of urine from your pets on the floors, sprinkle the affected task with baking soda, leave on for a few hours, then clean it off.

Water and iron
To flatten a disgraceful bump on your floor, pour a drop of water on it before spreading a damp cloth. Iron the cloth for a few minutes.

Bonus: some grandma's advice
Follow these grandmother's advice to keep a house clean and organized in all circumstances.

Season cleaning
The spring cleaning is good, the cleaning of the season is better. At each new season, clean up and clean your house thoroughly from floor to ceiling.

Kitchen towels
More and more people are opting for the paper towel solution to remove stains or liquid. The use of paper towels however generates a lot of waste and is not at all ecological. That's why, do like your grandmothers and use kitchen towels.

The household products of our grandmothers
Because these products have survived the test of time, it is worth considering reusing them. Examples of cleaning products dating back to our grandparents' days are Marseille soap, black soap, Castile clay or soap.

Clean the dirt as you go
Take the good habit of cleaning and storing everything as you go, instead of letting everything pile up.