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Couples Who Tease Each Other Regularly Are Stronger, Say Researchers

Couples Who Tease Each Other Regularly Are Stronger, Say Researchers

Laughter is important in life, and especially in a couple. Moreover, if you and your partner are used to making fun of each other, you are on the right track for a long and happy relationship, according to experts.

When it comes to healthy relationships, most people know that there are some basic principles to be involved, such as trust, respect, honesty and the ability to compromise, to get started. Then there are other aspects that vary from couple to couple, such as sense of humor, similar goals and everyone's tastes.

Mocking each other is good for the couple
According to research conducted by the State University of Appalachia in Canada, one of the strongest indicators of a healthy relationship is a couple where both partners make fun of each other. Indeed, your sarcasm and your constant and humoristic opposition to your partner really help you to strengthen your relationship, according to the scientists.

Each relationship has its own particularities or specificities that make it unique. These are the most important details about each person that the general public usually does not see because it's not really the most beautiful self-image. But according to experts, when we accept our partner as he is, laughing at his faults, a higher level of connection is established. It's a way of saying "I accept you as you are" while finding humor.

It is important to note that making fun of each other must be controlled. No one likes being debased or being reminded of their faults in a negative way, but once done with humor and good intention, it can be a highly healing process that brings two people together.

Laughter is the best medicine
So why does it work? It seems that the old adage says a little the truth: "laughter is the best cure". People who are able to laugh together are able to reduce stress, gain self-confidence and learn to accept more than ever who they are.

According to a study conducted by the University of Maryland, in the United States, laughter decreases stress hormones and blood pressure and is even as relaxing as meditation. Less stress means fewer arguments for frivolous things, and more time for activities together.

When you make fun of each other, you share a laugh and create a common bond. You're joking about the same situation and it makes you want to laugh, which also means extra stress relief.

Strengthening links
According to Dr. Doris Bazzini, who participated in the Appalachian State University study, laughter can also help manage difficult situations and help the couple strengthen their bonds. When people laugh at the same thing, they validate everyone's opinions, which strengthens the bonds.

Another added benefit of making fun of each other is that it allows couples to chat more effectively. This means that when both partners learn to inject humor in the most difficult situations, they reduce the risk of aggravation and find solutions more easily and quickly with less stress.

Boost the immune system
The researchers also found in a British study conducted in 2014 that laughter gives a boost to the immune system. So you can tell your partner that you make fun of him for the sake of his health, because laughter strengthens his immune system, as well as yours, and also helps prevent the flu virus.

A better libido
Stress is a big killer of libido for women and men. According to Dr. Gil Greengross of the University of New Mexico, having a sense of humor makes you more attractive, and for Dr. Robert Provine of the University of Maryland, laughter stimulates intimacy in the couple.

When you joke with your partner, you do some kind of evacuation. You take out the little things that irritate you, in a healthy way, before they settle and affect you to the point of causing an explosion.

Overall, research shows that couples where partners mock each other tend to have the happiest and healthiest relationships. So keep the good mood and your relationship will thank you later!
Couples Who Laugh At Each Other Regularly Are Stronger, Say Researchers