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"Why Did God Create Grandmothers? This Boy's Answer Made Our Heart Crack

"Why Did God Create Grandmothers? This Boy's Answer Made Our Heart Crack

Everyone who has one can attest to this: grandmothers are exceptional. Not only do they spoil us and give us lots of presents, but we are their sunbeam and their hearts overflow with love and tender affection for us. In any case, life would not be the same without our grandmothers.

When a boy was questioned about why God created the grandmothers, what he said was incredible. The correctness of his reasoning was matched only by the tenderness that his words aroused among the persons attending the stage.

Here is the sweet and adorable answer of this young boy to the question "why did God create grandmothers?" :

"Well ... God made grandmothers to love us and take care of us, that's all I know."

And speaking of his own grandmother, he added:

"She's a hundred years old, I can not believe her, and ... her name is Mamma, she's the queen ... of all the earth, if she were not on this earth, I would not be on this earth."

The ability of children to demonstrate such pragmatism is fascinating, as is the relationship grandparents have with their grandchildren.

Grandparents and grandchildren, an exceptional relationship made of unconditional love

The bond that unites us to our grandparents is something special and almost magical.

The love they give us unconditionally is priceless. With them, we are at the center of all attention, we feel fulfilled and we simply can not help but love them enormously in return.

A reassuring presence
Impressed with tenderness and kindness for us, our grandparents bring us a sense of security and comfort and having them, present and loving, is reassuring and gives us a sense of stability.

Grandparents push us to become better people
Feeling loved and cherished, the grandchildren are happier and fulfilled. Seeing everything they do for us and the whole family encourages us to do the same and pushes us to become better people.

The example of our grandparents, qualities that they demonstrate on a daily basis: their overflowing generosity, their patience, their calmness and their peace of mind encourage us to behave in the same way, and to develop our empathy and our compassion.

An attentive ear
Grandparents are always there for us. Always inclined to give us good advice when we need it, their wisdom and discernment are most precious.

Rather than our parents, it is also sometimes easier to confide in our grandmother or grandfather who are always ready to listen to us in a sympathetic ear if we feel the need to share our stories. 'soul. We then return as grown up and full of good humor.

A machine to go back in time
With our grandparents, we have the impression of going back in time.

The stories they tell us from another era are simply fascinating. Grandmothers and grandfathers seem to be an infinite source of anecdotes and knowledge, all more interesting than the others. They contain real treasures and we never tire of hearing them talk about the "good old days", their youth and that of our parents.

Enjoy the time spent with our grandparents
It is so beneficial for children to spend time with their grandparents. Grandparents are precious and make life better. Let's enjoy ours while there is still time ...
Why Did God Create Grandmothers