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A Cucumber, Ginger And Lemon Drink That Helps Reduce Tummy Fat

A Cucumber, Ginger And Lemon Drink That Helps Reduce Tummy Fat

Virtually every woman dreams of having a flat stomach without the slightest trace of fat! And when most of these usually store fat in the buttocks, hips and thighs, it can happen that others take mostly fat in the belly, and this is not the easiest to eliminate. By combining physical activity and a balanced diet with this natural remedy, you will easily achieve the desired results on your abdominal fat!

Abdominal fat is often the result of several factors such as poor lifestyle, stress, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, etc. Bad eating habits are the main cause, such as eating industrial foods that are too fat or too sweet.

Do you want to get rid of your abdominal fat naturally with healthy, natural and healthy products?

Lemon, ginger, mint and cucumber seem all right. Discover our natural remedy that will promote the elimination of abdominal fat, boost your metabolism and keep your body healthy!

Natural recipe to fight against tummy fat

  • 4 lemons preferably organic
  • 3cm of ginger root
  • 1 cucumber
  • 10 mint leaves
  • 2 liters of water
Cut the lemons and cucumber into small pieces and put them in the water. Then add the ginger and mix well. Keep the mixture for 6 hours in the refrigerator before eating before and after your cardio exercises. This drink will be an excellent source of hydration and help speed up the metabolism.

Benefits of lemon on the body
Lemon is a low-calorie food that has a high nutritional value because of its richness in magnesium, calcium, potassium, but also in manganese, phosphorus, iron and copper.

It is also an excellent source of vitamin C known to be one of the most effective nutrients for acting as a fat-burning and stimulating body.

It is also a natural diuretic that promotes the elimination of toxins without forgetting its ability to regulate sugar in the blood thanks to the pectin it contains. Lemon also increases the amount of citrate; substance that helps prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Benefits of ginger on health
The shogal and gingerol that ginger has, help speed up the metabolism. As a result, they allow the body to consume its own energy and burn fat more easily.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, ginger is also endowed with powerful anti-inflammatory properties favoring the protection of the cells of the body from the damage caused by the free radicals.

Among its many virtues and thanks to its analgesic compounds and

anti-inflammatory drugs, ginger also has effects on headaches, painful periods, arthritis, colds and fatigue, as well as its ability to reduce fasting blood glucose levels and improve resistance to insulin.

Mint, in addition to being an excellent natural diuretic to drain toxins out of the body, is a real concentrate of antioxidants that help in part to fight the complications related to obesity android, that is to say say fat on the tummy.

It is also known for its many disinfecting, digestive, analgesic properties that improve the quality of sleep while promoting the reduction of insomnia or stimulating by boosting the immune system. In addition, the flavonoids it contains, have a direct action on oxidative stress, responsible for skin aging, the development of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Cucumber is a vegetable composed of 96% water which thanks to its high content of silicon and suffers, has diuretic effects that promote thinness and burn-fat effect, especially in the belly.

Very refreshing, cucumber and especially because of its high amount of potassium, also promotes renal elimination by detoxifying the body and its fibers activate the intestinal transit while helping to fight constipation.

Cucumber also contains sterols that reduce cholesterol levels and also help grow hair with the silicone and sulfur it contains.

This drink made from cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger concentrated in multiple beneficial components and essential for the good functioning of the body, presents not only various virtues on the health in general, but also on the loss of weight and the accumulation abdominal fat.

* Caution Some foods are contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies, blood disease, or chronic diseases. Poor people and those with gastric ulcers, heartburn, or kidney and bile disorders should abstain from this drink.

A Cucumber, Ginger And Lemon Drink That Helps Reduce Belly Fat