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You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Deserves You And Who Recognizes Your Value

You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Deserves You And Who Recognizes Your Value

You are a precious soul and you deserve to be loved. You deserve a true love and a partner who knows how wonderful you are and who loves every aspect of you and your personality, because it is a waste of time to be with someone who does not really want you for all the life. That's why you should not settle for less than one partner who is grateful to have you in his life.

You deserve someone who will stay with you
You deserve someone who will really be there for you, even if you are not in your best state. You deserve someone's patient. You deserve someone who will stay with you, no matter the circumstances. Someone who will fight for you even if you push him back in a moment of anger or sadness.

You deserve a partner who, instead of being afraid of the walls you have built around you to protect yourself from injury, will do everything to cross and reach you. You deserve someone who, when you are not well, will put his arms around you and tell you he loves you.

You deserve a partner you can always count on
Someone who will always be there when you need it. You deserve a love that will make you feel safe. A partner who will not let you down in difficult times. Someone who will never make you doubt yourself or your worth.

You deserve someone who wants you
You deserve to be the first thought of someone in the morning and last before falling asleep. You deserve a partner who calls you to take your news, who comes to you and asks you questions about your day. You deserve someone who will give you all his attention and enjoy every moment spent with you, and will not want to be anywhere else. You deserve to be really desired.

You deserve someone who really cares about you
You deserve a partner who cares about you. You deserve a partner who cares when he does not hear from you all day. A partner who really cares and wants the best for you.

A partner who calls to make sure all is well, who celebrates your joys and comforts you in case of sorrows. You deserve that kind of love.

You deserve an unconditional love
You deserve someone who imagines you with him every time he thinks of his future. He does not need you to be other than what you are, because you are so precious to him. Someone who brings out the best of you and makes you a better person. Someone who loves you so much that he can not imagine his life without you.

You deserve someone who thinks you are amazing
You deserve a lover who thinks of you as the best thing that has happened to him. Someone who sees you as a gift from the universe. Someone who makes you his priority because you are the most important person in his life. Your partner should look at you as if he could not believe his eyes. He should think of you as his greatest treasure and his most important companion / companion. Because you are.

You deserve someone who is afraid of losing you. Someone who never thinks you are taken for granted or a burden. Someone who does not think you are too much, that your love is too much. Someone who knows your value and has faith in your future together. Someone who never leaves you. Someone who knows what he has when he has you.
You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Deserves You And Who Recognizes Your Value