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Disordered People Who Go To Bed Late And Say Bad Words Would Be Smarter

Disordered People Who Go To Bed Late And Say Bad Words Would Be Smarter

Surprising as it may seem, a recent study has revealed that people who swear, go to bed late and are disordered, are endowed with great intelligence. Can we say that the intelligence criteria have changed! In any case, research on these behaviors has given surprising results.

Psychologists Kristin Jay of Marist College and Timothy Jay of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts have implemented this recent study.

People who use swear words are smarter
While using vulgar vocabulary and cursing was considered a global linguistic poverty, a study counteracted this trend to prove that people who use swear words and unconventional terms have a broader vocabulary are able at the same time to express themselves with banal and neutral words and therefore possess a greater oratorical capacity.

Thus, the researchers wrote, "A consistent taboo lexicon can be considered as an indicator of healthy verbal skills rather than as a cover for their impairments."

In addition, people who use unconventional words simply demonstrate their ability to understand their general expressive content as well as the distinctions to be made in using insults, which proves greater linguistic richness. Thus, these people have more freedom of mind, and appreciate the challenge.

Sleeping late is associated with stronger intelligence.
At the same time, during this study, it was found that intelligent people are most often nocturnal than those with lower IQs. Satoshi Kanazawa, a psychologist at the London School of Economics & Political Science, demonstrates in his Study Magazine publication that a person's level of intelligence is associated with his nocturnal habits.

Thus, normal people obey the habit of sleeping early, unlike the more awake and inquisitive individuals who sleep late and defy this custom to enjoy the calm of the night to think better, better formulate their ideas and finish their incomplete tasks. Thus, the night owls have a circadian rhythm, that is to say a different sleep cycle.

Disordered people are smarter
Many psychologists agree that a messy environment is linked to a more creative state of mind, which leads to the birth of new, less conventional ideas. Moreover, the disordered minds are much more absorbed by their thinking than by the need to tidy up. To this end, a study from the University of Minnesota corroborates these facts and states that if a person does not spend the majority of his time tidying up it means that he is busy thinking about more important issues. Thus, according to the psychologist Kathleen Vohs, the disorderly environment raises a spirit of rebellion and a separation with tradition, which can encourage the production of new ideas. On the other hand, a well-ordered and tidy environment encourages conventional life and a choice of security above all else.

Are these features familiar to you? So do not worry, you probably have a high IQ. However, remember that lack of sleep, clutter and vulgar vocabulary are not just about smart people ...
Disordered People Who Go To Bed Late And Say Bad Words Would Be Smarter