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A Doctor Tells You If You Are Attractive Or Not?

A Doctor Tells You If You Are Attractive Or Not?

The art of seduction has long been the talk of many debates but it is indisputable that each individual has his own technique to achieve it. Some highlight all their strengths while others opt for the natural. Whatever happens, the most important thing is to succeed. But how do you know if the person being courted is really interested?

During the seduction phase, we are longing to know if we are on the right track and if we hooked the coveted person. We hope for a sign, an attitude, a word that guides us and encourages us but many times, we feel unable to decipher some codes issued by the other and we risk missing a beautiful love story.

The University of Alberta conducted a research and revealed the strongest clues that characterize attraction at a meeting.

Signs that prove you're attracting
According to Dr. Christine Kershaw, co-principal investigator in this study, attraction to another person includes:

Imitation of behavior
If the person in front of you imitates your movements, it means that she is on the same wavelength as you. This is the principle called "mirroring", generally attributed to the animal world that does not have the oral ability to seduce. Thus, a synchronization of gestures or postures is established and indicates a strong attraction on the part of the coveted person.

The beginning of the conversation
Unless it is too shy or inhibited by prejudices, if the coveted person starts the discussion with you without putting a brake on it, it means that she is very interested in knowing you.

Physical proximity
When someone is interested in you, they will make you closer to you by establishing a physical closeness. Thus, it will reduce the distance between you in front of you and catch your eye or change places to sit near you.

Eye contact
Eye contact is very important because it lets you know if you have revived his interest. This is the expression that will allow you to know if this person feels the desire that you approach her or not.

Smile and laugh
A person who looks at you and smiles at you is probably charmed by you, even if you are not near. Moreover, if during a conversation she keeps smiling or laughing with you, it means that she is attracted to you.

Moreover, according to the researcher, these behaviors are not synonymous with physical or sexual attraction but may denote a sympathy experienced for this person and our desire to develop a relationship of trust with her. Thus, apart from the fact that the man is more direct and the woman more reserved, it has been established in 309 previous studies that these behaviors associated with seduction, are similar in general, in all environments or cultures .

It should be noted that these behaviors do not only refer to the seduction of men and women but extend to many levels such as establishing trust with a co-worker, a new professional or friendly relationship. However, it is important to know that nonverbal communication alone is not enough; Communicating is just as necessary in order to concretize the seduction and be sure that one is on the right path.

Natural seduction
Most singles try to perfect themselves in order to seduce their future partners and abandon the natural side of their person which can be a major asset of seduction.

For this, each individual should:

Know your qualities
Besides the physical qualities that we can of course use to charm a person, our moral qualities are just as important; as for example highlight our humor, our intelligence or our intellectual level.

Stay true to yourself
It is a question of remaining faithful to its principles and why not defending them with finesse if it is necessary; you will gain in respect and admiration.

To be clear and honest
Transmit the message you want to send with clarity and clarity and do not procrastinate while trying to seduce a person; let him know clearly that you are interested, at least you will be fixed.

Do not try to give a wrong picture of yourself. Tell yourself that the one you covet will have to love your true person who must remain natural, free from all superficial makeup of the soul.
A Doctor Tells You If You Are Attractive Or Not?