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An Excellent Psychologist Test: By Which Door Are You Afraid To Enter?

An Excellent Psychologist Test: By Which Door Are You Afraid To Enter?

Fear of the dark, fear of failure, fear of death ... fear can take on many aspects and overcoming it becomes difficult as it becomes embedded in our minds. Some writers and historians like Joseph Campbell and Clifford N. Lazarus have made it clear that to access happiness, one must first face one's fears.

For her part, Sophie Machot, writer, coach and author of the book Not afraid, believes that fear and happiness are an inseparable couple. According to her, fear is part of our emotions and remains necessary for our survival. However, experienced in an exaggerated way, it can create a real barrier to our personal development. It is therefore essential to tame our fears and accept them but above all to overcome them in order to enjoy a peaceful and happy life.

So to understand your fears and the barriers that you erect in your daily life, just look at these pictures and choose which one is the most scary. This will say a lot about your personality ...

1. The abandoned house
You are a person with great intelligence and an analytical mind. You attach a great deal of importance to your values and expect others to respect these same values. The wall of wallpaper shows that you have built emotional and spiritual barriers that make you inaccessible but the light in front of the door means that you are ready to destroy those blockages but only for true friends. Your quest comes down to the emotional satisfaction you will have with someone who will understand you and be on the same wavelength as you.

2. The stairs
The photo of the stairs leading to a cellar or attic shows that you have a free spirit, that you love life and enjoy its pleasures. This image symbolizes your fear of death and being buried; your fear of the unknown. You aspire to health and for that you are advised to eat healthy and to practice a physical activity to take care of you. You will end up doing it because you love yourself and you love life.

3. The ice grotto
By choosing the ice cave, you have undoubtedly sought emotional warmth. You are afraid of being alone and of being disappointed. At the same time, you know what you want and what makes you happy and you privilege your independence and your freedom. What you are looking for above all is romantic and platonic love.

4. The wooden cabin
The wooden cabin represents all your fears and anxieties about safety and stability. For you, a house is synonymous with love and warmth and you can not stand to see the ruin that symbolizes bankruptcy. What you are looking for is the wealth that secures you and gives you the feeling of being protected. You are loyal and you work hard to achieve your goals but know that people who really love you will need your presence and love.

5. The dark tunnel
The fear of an obscure tunnel has a direct relationship with your emotions. In addition, the water at the tunnel entrance indicates that your mind is mixed and needs to be cleared up. Instead of continuing to think about your problems, it is best to find a solution. You are looking for confidence to reach the end of your projects. Know that you must move forward because at the end of the tunnel, you will see more clearly.

6. The chained door
The blue color of the chained door signifies stability. Generally, you are productive and you always reach your goals whatever the circumstances. You are always looking for comfort but you have to learn to take a break and enjoy life with all its simplicity.
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