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As You Get Older, People No Longer Have Patience For Narcissism And Manipulation

As You Get Older, People No Longer Have Patience For Narcissism And Manipulation

Aging and becoming old often goes hand in hand with awareness and questioning. We often worry about what people think about us for a long time. But there comes a time, especially when we are getting older and do not care about things like that.

If we associate the aging with that of gaining wisdom, it is because our experiences are transformed into lessons. The more time passes, the more we learn about ourselves and others. Because we learn by acting, by living things. There are certainly things that are only realized with time and therefore with age.

The world does not revolve around us
There is usually an age when we realize that we are not the center of the world and that others do not care as much about us as we imagine ourselves.

We were bothering about what we had to say or not say and do or not to do so that people do not think of us unpleasant things. We thought about the reactions they would have, what they were going to say and what they were going to think, and yet ... They are far too busy with their own lives to care less about what we do.

What people think does not matter
On the other hand, why care about what people think, why do they do everything they can to love us or envy us, instead of spending our precious time on productive activities that will bring us something?

As you get older, you realize that worrying about what people think is just a waste of time. We realize that our time is precious and that it is not worth losing to such trivial considerations.

We do not let ourselves be so easily
As we age, we always stop trying to please others to our detriment. We no longer dread to express our moods and feelings, because we are no longer afraid to offend people. We no longer accept to be on our feet, manipulate or take advantage of us.

All the reasons for not daring to assert themselves are shattered.

The importance of family and loved ones
Having lived a few decades makes us realize what really works in life and what does not work, and what really matters as opposed to what is not important. It puts its priorities in order and, realizing the importance of our family members and friends, we place them above all else.

There is no point in worrying
There comes a time when we realize that most of the things that concern us will never happen in real life, and that thinking about it is therefore useless and counterproductive. Moreover, most of the time when a serious event occurs, it is out of our control. Whatever may be wrong, worrying about it will not change anything.

We begin to love each other and to accept each other
With time, one learns to love one's body, to love oneself. We stop admiring all the celebrities and want to look like them and we agree to be ourselves.

We no longer compromise
We are no longer in need of attention and affection and we do not cling desperately to the first person who pays attention to us and is full of consideration, because we just do not want to be satisfied anymore. less than what we really aspire to and deserve.
As You Get Older, People No Longer Have Patience For Narcissism And Manipulation