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9-year-old Girl With Rare Brain Disease Requires 10,000 Prayers Before Surgery

9-year-old Girl With Rare Brain Disease Requires 10,000 Prayers Before Surgery

When Sophia Marie was born, the doctors told her parents that she would soon succumb to the rare disease she suffered, and that she would never have a normal life like other children her age, but thanks to her strength and courage, this little girl managed to thwart all their diagnoses! His moving story is a great source of inspiration for all those who think they can not overcome their difficulties.

In life there are those who give up the first obstacle that stands before them, and those who give themselves body and soul to overcome all hardships as they are. Sophia Marie Campa-Peters is a 9-year-old girl with a rare brain disorder who is one of those so strong and determined that she came to inspire everyone who met her. Discover the story of this child who has the courage and bravery that many adults do not have.

The moving story of a little heroine:
When Sophia Marie was born in November 2008, her parents were very happy to welcome him, but their joy was fleeting. Indeed, a few days after her birth, the doctors revealed to them that the little girl was suffering from a rare disease called Moya-Moya, and that she would never succeed in defeating her. Devastated and deeply saddened by this sad news, Sophia's parents decided to move heaven and earth to offer their daughter a decent life and help her overcome her illness.

Between urgent hospitalizations, surgical operations, and endless medical procedures, the life of Sophia and her parents has never been a long calm river. They had to sacrifice their sleep, their well-being, and their energy to give their daughter the decent life she deserved. However, despite all the superhuman efforts they made, her terrible illness continued to destroy her slowly, and the medical treatments she was following often did more harm than good ...

In January 2018, the doctors finally found a way to improve the condition of the girl: Undergo two very difficult surgical operations to regulate the blood flow in her brain, and that's when the little girl shared her emotional story during a viral interview she gave to an American radio just a few days before the date of her operation.

"I need 10,000 prayers," Sophia Marie answered when asked what she needed to be happy, an innocent and simple request, but so meaningful for this little girl whose dream Ultimate is to heal from his illness and lead a normal life like all other children of his age ...

Today, the state of health of Sophia Marie has improved considerably after her surgical operation, and despite its fragility, the little girl continues to radiate a thousand lights, and spread her positive energy and contagious joy wherever she go. We hope that Sophia will one day overcome her illness, and that all the sick children of the world will succeed in getting rid of all their ills.

Let's continue praying for this little girl so that she can recover and enjoy a joyful life.

Moya-Moya Disease: A rare but devastating disease.
Obstructive Willis Polygon Disease, commonly known as Moya-Moya, is a rare angiogenic disease of the brain that causes narrowing or obstruction of the intracranial internal carotid arteries and causes the formation of locomotives. This disease, which is characterized by its aggressive and destructive nature, can cause a whole range of symptoms as heavy as the others such as stroke, partial or total paralysis of limbs, memory loss, impaired cognitive abilities. epileptic seizures and convulsions, severe and frequent headaches, vision problems or speech disorders.

This rare disease that affects only one in 300,000 people is much more common in Asian countries such as Japan, China, or South Korea, it is also more prevalent in children and especially in small girls. The causes of Moya-Moya are almost unrecognized until now, and while some specialists associate it with genetic factors, others believe that it is the result of other cerebral affections.

Although this disease is recognized as being serious and often fatal, there are children who manage to stay alive and fight its symptoms by rigorously following appropriate medical treatment, and sometimes even complex surgical procedures to improve the flow blood in their brains.