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Going On Vacation Can Live Longer, According To A New Study

Going On Vacation Can Live Longer, According To A New Study

Taking a vacation and taking a break from time to time, away from a stressful daily life, full of imperatives, obligations and deadlines, is, as we know, most beneficial for our state of mind, our mood and our energy levels. And if that was not all? What if taking a vacation also meant living healthier and longer? That's what a new study from the University of Helsinki in Finland says.

Science says it: going on vacation is good for your health
For researchers at the University of Helsinki, not taking a vacation could be dangerous for health, especially for cardiovascular health. For Dr. Timo Strandberg, people who work a lot without taking a vacation would be more likely than others to have a stroke or have a heart attack.

This study was conducted on 1,222 Finnish businessmen who were followed for forty years. The results of the study are very clear: going on a trip would reduce by 37% the risk of dying prematurely.

One of the peculiarities of this study is that we only chose men who already have a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. All had at least one of the following risk factors, known to promote the development of cardiovascular disorders:

- Overweight
- Smoking
- High cholesterol
- High blood pressure
- Glucose intolerance.

After being selected, the participants were separated into two groups. In the first group, health advice was regularly offered for a period of four months. These tips included maintaining a healthy weight, quitting, having a healthy diet, and exercising daily. Conversely, participants in the second group did not receive such support.

At the end of the 40 years in which the study took place, it was noted that among the men in the first group, those who had received medical advice and had taken less than three weeks of vacation per year were a 37% higher risk of dying prematurely than men in the same group who had taken leave of more than three weeks each year.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Dr. Strandberg says: "Shorter vacations and longer working hours are associated with adverse health effects and even mortality. "

How do holidays increase life expectancy?
Here are some of the most plausible reasons why vacations improve health and allow people to live longer:

They reduce stress
More and more studies show a correlation between stress and the phenomenon of chronic inflammation in the body on the one hand, and the role of chronic inflammation in the appearance of many diseases on the other hand.

But on vacation, we release the pressure. No overloaded schedules, traffic jams or hard work, but a good break and relaxation of body and mind. On vacation, we sleep more and better. We are calmer, more serene and more relaxed.

We're full of sun and vitamin D
Nearly 80% of the Western population is deficient in vitamin D, which is essential for the proper functioning of the body. On vacation, our body makes it itself in contact with the sun. Sufficient vitamin D helps strengthen bones and reduces the risk of diseases such as multiple sclerosis or hypertension.

Good for morale
On vacation, we forget our worries, we enter a kind of bubble, far from all concerns of a professional nature. Going on vacation helps reduce the risk of burnout, but also depression. End the usual routine, place to activities that are important to us and that make us in a good mood. Holidays are also an opportunity to spend more time with your family, have a good time together and get closer.

Going On Vacation Can Live Longer