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Goodbye Nursing Houses! The New Trend Is Cohousing With Friends

Goodbye Nursing Houses! The New Trend Is Cohousing With Friends

When we talk about roommates, we automatically think of these young twenties who want to live with their best friends to enjoy their youth and enjoy independence far from criticism and regular disputes with their parents. But today, it is the elderly who want to leave nursing homes to live with their friends!

When some people reach old age, they may feel lonely and helpless, and that is why they end up living in nursing homes to be more surrounded and less lonely. Alas! Living in a nursing home is not an easy thing that everyone can accept. But this new trend of living together with other seniors may change everything!

What is the roommate of seniors?
A few years ago, seniors who did not have the opportunity to stay with their families had no choice but to settle in nursing homes. These institutions where dozens of people are housed, are not suitable for everyone, and often their residents may suffer from certain psychological problems due to several factors, such as the feeling of loneliness, verbal and physical violence they may sometimes, lack of social interaction, lack of privacy ...

In the early 1960s, Denmark had the ingenious idea of creating collective housing where old people can live together with friends. This concept, which attracted many people around the world, was then adopted in several North American countries, and its success was undeniable. Today, the trend of co-location among senior friends has exploded, and just take a tour on the web to find sites where hundreds of ads of older people looking for roommates are published.

Colocation of seniors: What advantages?

Co-living with others when you are a senior has many advantages. Here are a few :

- Have a better quality of life:

Many older people can not bear the loneliness and isolation they can feel when they are in a nursing home. And despite all the efforts that employees of these establishments provide to improve their well-being, they never manage to create the warm and family atmosphere that seniors seek. As a result, a large portion of retirement home residents are likely to suffer from certain issues such as depression or anxiety. The roommate will allow these people to feel surrounded and safe.

- Have company :

Unlike nursing homes where you do not have the ability to choose the people you live with, seniors' roommates give seniors the opportunity to select roommates based on their own criteria. This helps to promote understanding and complicity in their homes while giving them the feeling of being accompanied. In addition, living with friends can encourage these people to do group activities and better enjoy their lives.

-Enjoy more privacy:

One of the biggest problems seniors face when living in nursing homes is the disrespect of their privacy. This is why senior roommates are a very good alternative for people who want to have a space of their own, while having the opportunity to isolate themselves when they need it.

- Save money :

Some older people may be left alone in a large apartment that they do not use all the rooms. In addition to fighting isolation and loneliness, the colocation between seniors will allow these people to save money by sharing the cost of housing, and all other expenses such as food, maintenance ... will be able to invest their savings in activities like outings, trips ...

- To feel safe :

When some people get older, they become very concerned about their safety. And often, they need to feel that there is another person by their side who can look after them, and protect them in case they get sick. This is why the roommate between seniors can be very comforting and reassuring.

- Have the opportunity to make choices:

When an elderly person lives in a nursing home, they are forced to suffer the consequences of others' choices, they can not feel free to do what they want, and that can be very difficult. The colocation between seniors allows the elderly to make choices in the decoration of the space, the diet to adopt, activities to be done ...