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That's How Men Slowly But Surely Kill Their Women's Love

That's How Men Slowly But Surely Kill Their Women's Love

If some men think that it is enough to seduce a woman and win his heart to be able to consider a relationship, the reality is quite different because it is also important in a couple to maintain the flame and always allow the other to see his love preserved even, amplified with time.

If you wonder why couples who loved each other so much end up separating, the answer lies in the fact that love is a thing about which we can not hide anything but that can also easily be lost over time. time. In the case of a separation, we tend to think that both partners are necessarily for something but this is very far from being a generality for the simple reason that many couples break because one the two partners are not making as much effort as in the beginning to make things progress or at least consolidate them.

We are going to give you a glimpse of those things that men do that make women lose little by little the love they have for them until it ends up disappearing.

Lack of affection
A woman simply can not live without her darling's attention, it would be downright comparable for her to air and food. So please know that even if your day has not been easy, it is not a reason to ignore your wife. If you find that you do not have the strength to tell her how great she is and how much you love her, it's that this relationship may not work. She, for her part, will soon conclude that you do not need her presence in your life, especially if you make no effort. It is obvious that by depriving your other half of attention, you make him understand that the end of your story is near.

Lack of compliments
Women are usually used to boasting about the merits of their husbands, knowing that they are important to them. But they need the same thing in return, whether for the good meal they cooked at noon or for everything they do to take care of their family. They need to be complimented for being smart, loving, wise, irresistible in bed and simply wonderful.

Lack of romance
You probably remember what your relationship looked like at first, did not it? You offered him flowers and often made him surprises. Know that such things allow your darling to still believe in your relationship and remember how much you love him. And since women can really be touched by the slightest romantic gesture, what is the point of letting the routine deprive you of the love you have been so long to cultivate?

Inordinate criticism
Criticism is double-edged and can be either constructive or destructive, knowing that even a positive criticism made in an excessive way is capable of affecting a woman in a negative way. Remember that at the beginning of the relationship, you do not criticize her so much and focus on the good side of her personality. But if you really want to get an idea of what this might cause him, do you think it would destroy his self-esteem and make you a bully, a role you probably would not want to play in his life.

Would you like your wife to compare you to others? Would you appreciate the fact that she tells you that her boss has a bigger body than yours or that your neighbor is the wisest man she has ever met? You obviously would not be pleased. Know that the same applies to the comparisons you make. From the moment you say that you love someone else, it's clearly the beginning of the end of your story. And do not forget that even if you did not think so, you had to at least think about it unconsciously.

Keep in mind, dear gentlemen, that your wives are the most wonderful in the world and that they are for all those things that made you love them the first day. Take care of them, love them and make them happy!

How Men Slowly But Surely Kill Their Women's Love