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Learn How To Plant Lemon In A Cup And Your House Will Always Smell Good

Learn How To Plant Lemon In A Cup And Your House Will Always Smell Good

Just as we feel a certain discomfort when we find ourselves in the presence of bad smells, it is undeniable that having a home that smells good increases our good mood and contributes to our feeling of well-being. And since we all want to feel good when we are at home, here's how to bring a touch of freshness to your home. Learn how to grow small lemons by sprouting and planting lemon seeds.

The lemon tree is a plant that has the distinction of giving off a very pleasant and refreshing aroma and perfume the space that surrounds it, and which is also very aesthetic. By growing at home, you will not only enjoy a pleasant smell but will also beautify your home.

Also, why not trade the usual flowerpot for a lemon tree?

How to grow lemon in a pot?

Before you begin, here's what you'll need:

some fresh lemons and preferably organic

- potting soil
- a flowerpot or a cup
- small pebbles
- some water
- paper towel

Here's how to proceed:

Step 1
Cut out or squeeze the lemons and collect the pips. Rinse them and then soak them for a few hours in water.

"Soak the seeds for a few hours in the water"

2nd step
Let the seeds dry on paper towels, then remove the skin gently.

"Remove the skin from the seeds"

Step 3
Soak the seeds again in the water and wait one to two days until they germinate.

"Soak the seeds in the water until they germinate"

Step 4
Fill the flowerpot or cup of potting soil and squeeze the seeds in half

"Fill a pot of potting soil and plant the seeds"

Step 5
Then cover the soil and sprouted seeds with small pebbles, and place the pot in a sunny spot, ensuring that the soil remains moist.

"Cover the soil and seeds with pebbles, place the pot in the sun and sprinkle lightly"

Step 6
Small lemon trees should not be slow to grow! Put your cup where you want and let yourself be enchanted by this beautiful plant and its delicious smell.

"Wait until your plant grows and find a good location"

For a house that always feels good

1. Airing 
Airing is very important. You can leave some windows open for a third party all night because the air is cleaner, and leave slightly open for most of the day.

2. Make sure all laundry is clean
All fabrics and clothing, whether in closets or not, must be clean. Do not put half-dirty clothes in your closets. Instead of that :

- post them, in which case you can leave them on a chair or coat rack while waiting, but not for long

- relaunch them to the delicate / light cycle

Dirty laundry, wherever it is, must not stagnate either.

Finally, it is important to change your bed linen regularly, for example once a week. All clothes and all fabrics in general must feel clean. If this is not the case, consider rewashing them.

3. That the household be done
Clean your house well at least once a week.

4. Eliminate objects with an unpleasant odor

∙ Keep shoes away as far as possible
Find a solution to take out the shoes, or clean them from the inside as well as from outside, also wiping the soles.

Do not dirty the floor by walking on it with dirty shoes, but wear slippers inside, clean of course, and washed regularly.

∙ Get rid of food odors
Do not leave behind odorous food, dirty dishes, or organic detritus.

Always close the kitchen door when cooking. Ventilate the kitchen well before reopening it. If you have an American kitchen, do not forget to turn on the hood when cooking.

Remove any other objects with an unpleasant smell
For example old things that are deteriorated, filthy or dusty that can not be washed or cleaned.

5. Have objects that smell good
Like flowers, a lemon tree ...

6. Be clean yourself
Take regular showers and wash your hair before it becomes visibly oily and perfume.