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It's Official, American Researchers Have Discovered How To Slow Aging

It's Official, American Researchers Have Discovered How To Slow Aging

In humans as in most living things, the natural process of aging begins as soon as we reach maturity, which is for us around the age of 25, and continues until death. This process, also known as senescence, consists of a progressive, irreversible and more or less rapid degradation of our various tissues and vital functions.

What is aging?
Aging occurs when the damage to the body's cells (such as oxidation, inflammation and DNA damage, mainly caused by free radicals) adds up, gradually causing organ failure and that of the body as a whole. While aging itself only begins at maturity, some cell damage can begin to accumulate at an early age.

The discovery of a substance that would slow down aging, improve health and prolong life. In a study of the University of Minnesota in the United States and recently published in the online medical journal EBioMedicine, researchers have discovered a substance, fistéine, which would fight the aging factors of cells. Fistein would allow them to function better, and would help reduce the number of damaged cells in the body.

When they treated older mice with this substance, their lifespan increased, as did their overall health status.

Dr. Robbins, who participated in the study, said: "We have seen greater activity, better endurance, and greater strength after the use of senolytic substances. "

Fistein, a miracle substance to curb aging
Fistein is a molecule belonging to flavonoid polyphenols, which are recognized for their important antioxidant properties. However, antioxidants have the property of fighting free radicals, and are therefore powerful senolytic agents, that is to say they have the property of promoting the repair of aging cells and damaged so-called senescent.

During the study and among the ten flavonoids tested by the researchers, it was found that fistein was the one whose senolytic effect was the most powerful in improving the health status of the mice.

Because as antioxidants, they help the cells to fight the external aggressions and favor their repair for an optimal functioning.

The benefits of fistein for the human body

The benefits of Fistein on health are innumerable. On its own, fistheine:

- is an excellent anti-inflammatory
- improves memory and brain function
- regulates the blood sugar level
- increases the service life
- protects bones, skin and cells in general against aggressions and toxic substances

- helps fight infections
- helps prevent and fight cancer
- helps prevent and fight depression
- improves blood flow and blood pressure

Foods rich in fistein
To counter the aging of our body's cells, improve our health and live longer, we have every interest in consuming antioxidants in general, and fistein in particular.

To eat antioxidants naturally, just eat fruits, vegetables and dried fruits, such as lychees, dates, cherries or figs, artichokes, broccoli, eggplant or shallots.

Fistein is found in apples, persimmons and strawberries.
How To Slow Aging