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Here's How I Use Baking Soda To Regrow My Hair

Here's How I Use Baking Soda To Regrow My Hair

Baking soda is undoubtedly the flagship product par excellence. Its benefits are as varied as its field of use. 100% natural and biodegradable, it is also environmentally friendly and is more than effective as a purifier for the hair. It is therefore the ideal product to achieve a natural shampoo, inexpensive and accessible to all that will allow you to remove impurities and residues such as limestone and pollution particles while promoting hair regrowth.

Baking soda is certainly one of the healthiest ingredients in the world and is used in many areas such as food, oral health or cosmetics. Inexpensive and with various and varied uses, it can be used safely on the hair by improving their quality, making them smooth and healthy while cleaning them with different conditioners and toxic chemicals.

If you want to avoid all chemical-based shampoos stuffed with various harmful substances, you should definitely try this baking soda-based treatment to maintain and improve the health of your hair. You will be surprised by the results!

Natural shampoo with baking soda

- Mix 1 part baking soda with 3 parts water. Apply the resulting mixture to wet or dry hair and massage gently.

- Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse with warm water.

- You can also add to this preparation by adding 1 measure of apple cider vinegar. You can reduce the smell on your hair by adding a few drops of lavender oil, rosemary or peppermint.

Benefits of baking soda on hair
Thanks to its composition, baking soda cleans and shines the hair. But above all, it helps to clean the fiber and therefore to space washes that multiplied, alter the quality and regrowth of hair. As and when uses, hair grinds less quickly. Baking soda is non-allergenic, so there is little risk of a skin reaction. In addition, natural shampoo with baking soda will promote blood circulation to the scalp by massaging, which will help to have better blood circulation and facilitate hair regrowth. Its use will easily limit the appearance of dandruff, cleanse the scalp and rid of residue left by hairspray, gel or pollution particles while providing shine to the hair and fighting against deposits caused by a particularly calcareous water. All of these factors will contribute to a healthy and accelerated regrowth of hair.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar added to baking soda
Apple cider vinegar is also a perfect alternative to the use of shampoo and especially if it is added to baking soda. It has many virtues on the hair whose acceleration of their regrowth by stimulating the scalp which boosts the normal growth of the hair cycle. Not to mention its contribution of minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium or magnesium, which helps to nourish the hair intensely. Its application also stimulates the blood activity of the scalp, which causes the disappearance of dandruff while strengthening the hair fiber. In addition to all its benefits, cider vinegar eliminates all impurities and other accumulated fat in the scalp that make hair oily.


1. Attention baking soda to consume or to use as a beauty product, is not to be confused with that designed for a strictly domestic use. The second is unfit for consumption and is especially not for use on the skin or scalp.

2. Baking soda is not recommended for people applying coloring on their hair because it is a natural bleach.
Baking Soda To Regrow My Hair