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Left-handed People Are Exceptional People, According To Scientists

Left-handed People Are Exceptional People, According To Scientists

Throughout history, being left-handed was perceived as a weakness or anomaly. In recent decades, studies have revealed that left-handers are more prone to accidents. Why ? It's not their fault, they live in a world designed for right-handers. However, good news left-handed, according to the science you are exceptional!

The disadvantages of being left-handed

Right-handers are often unaware of their privileges. The left-handers, for their part, are all aware of the difficulties they face even to perform the most basic tasks.

Consider, for example, that doors in general are designed for right-handed people. But doors are not the only problem. Also, think about everyday things that most people use at home or at work, such as can openers or scissors, all designed for right-handed people and with which many left-handed people struggle every day.

Despite these difficulties, science is revealing interesting facts about left-handers, several studies have revealed that left-handers have serious advantages, including a higher probability of excel in sports and better problem-solving skills ... etc. Discover the scientific facts about the benefits of being left-handed:

1. We do not know why left-handed people exist
Much research has been done to try to understand why some humans are left-handed, but there is still no definitive answer. Being left-handed may be partly hereditary on the mother's side. Another theory is that if there is high testosterone in the uterus, the baby is more likely to be left-handed. According to a study done at the University of California at Los Angeles, twins are twice as likely to be left-handed as the rest of the newborns.

2. We do not know exactly how many left-handers are on earth
Various studies estimate that between 10 and 15% of the world's population are left-handed. In France, for example, the rate of left-handers is around 13%.

3. Left-handed are more likely to be good at sport
About 25% of all players in the American Baseball League are left-handed. And baseball is not the only sport that is good for left-handed people. Interactive sports like tennis give the advantage to left-handed people. Since the movements of the left-handed sportsmen are different, the opponents are not used to them, which creates the difference. Athletes flourish in the routines, and when an athlete has different movements, it bothers them.

4. Being left-handed has never disappeared
In the past, left-handed students were forced to write with the right hand to try to correct what was perceived as a problem. Even with these practices going on, being left-handed has never disappeared. Instead of the survival of the fittest, the left hand is in a way a "survival of the unexpected". For example, in primitive cultures, 27% of people living in war zones were left-handed, compared to 3% in the Pacific region. The reason is that right-handed fighters did not anticipate leftist movements during wars.

5. Left-handers are better at solving problems
Scientists believe left-handers are better at thinking differently or offering multiple solutions to a problem. As a result, they are more likely than their right-wing counterparts to pursue careers in science, arts, and technology. Marie Curie, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Pablo Picasso, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Jean-Paul Gaultier are left-handed.

6. The left hand can be predicted before birth
Doctors can tell if a baby is left-handed using ultrasound. 90% of babies in the womb of their mothers move their right arm and suck their right thumb. And the remaining 10%? These are the future left-handers.

7. Most left-handers are born from late spring to early summer
According to a study by the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, most leftists were born between March and July. From this information, it can be deduced that most left-handers were conceived between June and October. An explanation behind this? Researchers do not have a scientific explanation yet, but it's an interesting discovery.
Left-handed People Are Exceptional People, According To Scientists