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Here Is The Life Of The Forgotten Old People The Last Days Of Their Existence

Here Is The Life Of The Forgotten Old People The Last Days Of Their Existence

Aging is scary. Our body weakens, gets tired and does not work properly anymore. To this physical decay is added that of the psyche: the elderly lose their mental abilities, their memory flank ... But among all the things that are scary when we think about old age, the worst is certainly the fact of considering find in loneliness, abandoned and forgotten.

How can one imagine that a person once surrounded by parents, children and friends could one day be left alone and abandoned? Yet this is what 6% of people over the age of 60 live, according to a study of the CSA Institute for the association The Little Brothers of the Poor and a quarter of the over 75 years, a phenomenon that does not only increase as the population ages.

Loneliness in the elderly
The reasons why seniors end up alone at the end of their lives usually include losing their spouse, separating them earlier in life, losing friends, or living far from home. children, or not to have any.

These people, once affected by the disease, weakened and at some point in their lives where they become vulnerable and dependent on the help and care of others, have no one to care for them, and Only they find themselves living their last days.

The life of Mary, 98 years
Some images of the sad spectacle of old age when she is lived in a virtual solitude were captured in a short film, Junk Mail, which follows Mary, a 98-year-old widow who, despite the fact that she regularly visits a center for seniors or that his nieces visit from time to time, spend most of his time alone in his home.

Like Mary, most seniors who spend part of their day at the Easton Lifestyle Senior Center lead a life of loneliness and idleness. Although many of them have children and grandchildren, they are too busy with their own lives, their own activities and their own families to care for their elderly relatives.

This is how most aging people are put aside.

This short film reminds us that old age is certainly more painful than we imagine. It forces us to think of our elderly relatives and to question our behavior towards them.

How to fight against loneliness in our elders

Whether you have loved ones living in solitude or you feel isolated, here are some ways to prevent and fight the loneliness of the elderly.

- Give meaning to your life
Having life and daily goals as well as enriching and fulfilling activities allows older people to feel less alone or isolated from others and the world.

- Maintain social bonds
Participating in activities with peers, visiting family more often, or being a member of a senior club helps to maintain human relationships.

- Continue your religious practice
Regularly attending religious services at the church, mosque or synagogue is incredibly beneficial to the well-being of the elderly. Studies have shown, for example, that the mortality rate among them is lower than among those whose religious practice was not so assiduous.

- Have a pet
Caring for an animal like a dog or a cat makes older people feel less alone and less depressed. It also brings comfort and a sense of security.

- Being surrounded during meals
Because sharing meals together creates social connections and brings people together, it is important for older people to have breakfast, lunch and dinner as often as possible with family and other seniors.
Forgotten Old People The Last Days Of Their Existence