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Discover The Little Girl Has Never Eaten Sugar In Her Life

Discover The Little Girl Has Never Eaten Sugar In Her Life

By reading the title of the article, many will wonder why not give sugar to his child? After all, children and sugar go hand in hand, do not they? Do not we offer our children a candy as a way to encourage them to behave? But this mother has made another choice: to ban all consumption of sugar for her daughter to avoid the harmful effects of this food.

Awareness about sugar
This is not sugar in fruits, but rather fake sugar added to products, such as high fructose corn syrup commonly found in juices, soft drinks, sweets and more.

There are more and more warnings about sugar, and many people are becoming aware of their degree of dependence on sugar, but also its potentially harmful effects on health. More and more young children are developing type II diabetes, a disease that was once known as adult diabetes. As a result, many people have become more aware of the food they give to their bodies and make healthier food choices.

If you're wondering if it's really possible to raise a child without sugar, here's the story of Grace Cooper, a two-and-a-half year old who has never eaten a gram of processed sugar.

How is it possible ?
In Brisbane, Australia, Shan Cooper, Grace's mother, never gave her daughter a gram of sugar. She said that when her daughter is old enough to understand what she likes and dislikes, she's not going to impose a strict diet on her, she's just trying to create a solid foundation for her. health of his child.

According to Shan, if her daughter eats a piece of bread, it will not make her angry. And if she takes him to a party with kids, she's never going to tell him that she should not eat anything at this party, but rather tell her that she brought him cabbage, for example, and that she can eat it.

What inspired Shan to adopt this way of life?
Shan has been suffering from various food allergies for many years, which has led him to reconsider his diet. She then made the decision to stop dairy products, gluten and processed foods. So when her daughter, Grace, was born, it made sense for her to continue this diet with her baby.

What is this diet made of?
This diet consists of completely eliminating seeds, dairy products and all processed products. It is called "Paleolithic diet", and it also consists of eating lean meats, fruits, vegetables and eggs.

Shan insists that this diet is behind Grace's strong immune system. She often plays with children who have runny noses and coughs, but Grace has had only one cold and for a child her age, it's remarkable.

Shan believes that children are intuitive eaters, but when they reach adulthood, they begin to eat emotionally to escape the pain or sadness they may feel. Shan wants to teach her child which foods help the body feel good and which foods do not, as well as learning how to eat for good health and not to run away from it.

Why is it important?
Children learn everything from their parents, whether it's about health, nutrition or nutrition, and if their parents do not know it, it will be harder for kids to eat and eat. healthy lifestyle. In fact, it is up to parents to learn about health and to pass that knowledge on to their children. In this way, many diseases can be avoided.

Many skeptics believe that Grace's lack of grain and legumes is a source of concern, but Shan is perplexed as she eliminates many of the toxic foods from Grace's diet and adds whole unprocessed foods. healthy.

Finally, it is always a good thing to limit sugars and processed foods and to introduce more whole foods into the children's diet. This is the true benevolence of parents towards their children.