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The Way Your Man Treats His Mother Determines How He Will Treat You

The Way Your Man Treats His Mother Determines How He Will Treat You

Respect is one of the main pillars on which a relationship can be based, although it is also an indispensable element in our daily relationship to others. But in a couple, it turns out that the behavior your man has towards his mother reflects his way of conceiving the relationship with his future partner. But how could that be?

The impact of the mother-son relationship on a couple's vision of a man

As you probably know, our vision of relationships evolves over time. Moreover, it grows with us and is formed from all the behaviors we are used to at home or around us, it is also influenced by the conflicts we face. But it turns out that the mother, her behavior and her approach to the relationship she has with her son are important. However, keep in mind that not everything is white or black when talking about the mother and its impact on a man's emotional future.

That said, no one would want someone who takes pleasure in the pain of others or who is too ravaged internally to maintain a real relationship. Nevertheless, here are signs that your man will manifest according to the degree of closeness he has with his mother.

If he grew up with a loving mother
A man who has grown up with a loving, gentle, kind, caring and respectful mother will necessarily learn to let the same things shine through in her relationship with her future partner. If he had a very emotional relationship with his mother, it will be much easier for him to develop the same type of relationship in the private sphere.

In addition, giving love, care and affection will take almost no effort. A man who has been brought up by a strong and respectful woman will give you the same respect. However, the only flip side of the coin is that some of the men in this category may be of the "son to mom" type, that is, they can not tell him "no", regardless of the context, or need his approval all the time. If your man is like this, discuss it with him, then see if his love and respect for you remain intact.

If he has not really been close to his mother
A man who has grown up with a mother who has not given him enough love and care will find it hard to be emotionally open in a relationship. Although he respects women enough to make friendships with them, as soon as things become more serious and there is talk of commitment, he will tend to become scared and may even create problems to end the relationship. .

A man who is not really used to receiving love from his mother, suddenly receiving or giving it to his partner is really unexplored ground for him.

With such a partner, you will not only have a hard time pushing him to open up to you and talk to you about how he feels, but on top of that, he will even tend to ask you to prove to him that you love him because of the lack of self-esteem and insecurity he has developed since his early childhood. But it is not a fight lost in advance, because it requires time and patience.

If he is not at all close to his mother or does not like her
A man who has grown up with a mother who has never shown him any sign of love or who has outright abused him, will grow up disrespectful of women and do everything possible to hurt every woman who wants to be with him. He will keep this vision that women are all bad and that they are only a source of problems and pain because of what he has chosen to be small.

In a relationship, such a partner will often try to hurt you, betray you or break your self-esteem. This is the type of men with whom women usually fall into toxic relationships because they may look attractive at first sight until you realize that you are just suffering because of 'them.

It is very difficult for such a man to love since he knows practically nothing about what love is. And if you ever meet one, keep in mind that you will not be able to change it unless he decides to make peace with his past, because you can not give him what his mother should have given him. give, it's not your role.
The Way Your Man Treats His Mother Determines How He Will Treat You