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Mother Bends Over To Kiss Her Baby - Newborn's Face Melts Her Heart

Mother Bends Over To Kiss Her Baby - Newborn's Face Melts Her Heart

Babies are simply fascinating. If her mother will always feel a tender love and a deep affection for her child, these feelings are always shared by the baby who is very early, sometimes from the first moments of his life, able to recognize his face, his smell and the sound of his voice and react to his words and gestures.

This little newborn who loves kisses
Sometimes, babies behave so fascinatingly at maturity that they seem to be a few years older than just a few weeks or a few days, like that little girl who, when her mother kisses her softly, strains her lips to her. turn to answer that kiss, or to ask for a new one.

Such a reaction from a being as small and as young, has everything to melt the heart of anyone witnessing the scene, not to mention its unexpected and surprising nature that gave a laugh to his mother.

Some amazing facts about babies
If the reaction of this little girl has surprised and made smile more than one, here are other facts about babies, which you probably do not doubt and that will surely surprise you too.

They react to their mother's emotions, even before they are born
When pregnant mothers were asked to listen to music through headphones, researchers noticed that babies moved more when they enjoyed the song they were listening to. The fact that these women wore headphones meant that the babies responded not to the music itself but to the emotions their mother felt while listening to it.

They have sharp senses
From birth, babies hear almost as well as adults. It is enough, for example, that the mother of an infant pronounces only one syllable so that the latter knows that it is his mother who has spoken. His mother's voice is the only sound he can recognize. Although there may be exceptions, the baby usually needs a few weeks to recognize her mother from other adults through voice and smell.

Moreover, a baby has an olfactory sense more developed and finer than that of adults.

They have a specific way of crying
From birth, the baby has his way of crying, which is his own. Research has shown that a mother could recognize the crying of her baby, even if the baby was in a room surrounded by other babies crying.

Mother Bends Over To Kiss Her Baby - Newborn's Face Melts Her Heart

They cry with their mother's accent
When a newborn baby cries or cries, he does so in his mother's accent. Researchers at the University of Würzburg in Germany found that babies were soaked in their mother's tongue during the last three months of pregnancy, after which they reproduced the sounds through their crying and chirping. It is thus possible to distinguish English babies from French or German babies, only by listening carefully.

They can swallow and breathe at the same time
Babies have the amazing ability to breathe and swallow at the same time. It is for this reason that they can suckle so long without stopping. They retain this capacity until they are about seven months old.

They prefer high-pitched voices
Infants like female voices and prefer high-pitched vocals, sounds they respond to better. And it's certainly not a coincidence that most people subconsciously take a louder voice when addressing a baby.