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This Muscular Woman Impresses Professional Bodybuilders

This Muscular Woman Impresses Professional Bodybuilders

Nataliya Kuznetsova is a 27-year-old Russian woman, a professional bodybuilder who started practicing sports since the age of 14. During all these years, Nataliya has accumulated records and prizes at national, European and even worldwide level. Let's discover this talented woman who transforms her body every day for her pleasure and that of all bodybuilding fans!

The young Russian bodybuilder recently announced her professional return via social networks! An ad that pleased her fans ... Nataliya frequently receives requests to share her expertise in this discipline that interests women and men.

Bodybuilding, also called bodybuilding, is the use of progressive resistance exercises to control and develop one's muscles. In professional bodybuilding, competitors appear in queues and perform specified poses in front of a panel of judges who classify them according to the symmetry and balance of muscular masses, muscular density as well as staging and behavior.

A tenacity clearly apparent!
Today, the young woman has a breathtaking shape. It measures 1 meter 67, weighs about 90 kilos and its height measures 76 cm.

At school, Natalia was a child like any other, at 14, she weighed only 38 kilos. Here is one of her pictures before she gets involved in bodybuilding, an overflowing femininity!

Thanks to her immense determination, she quickly began to gain weight. She has also built an impressive muscle mass.

Natalia is very popular on social networks, she has 335,000 subscribers on her Instagram profile.

Professional bodybuilders often lose their breasts because of their exercise of removing as much fat from the body and keeping it as muscle. This is the reason why they find themselves with almost flat breasts. They have recourse to plastic surgery to give shape to their chest and regain their femininity!

Nataliya is one of those women who have gone to silicone implants!

Vladislav Kuznetsov is Nataliya's husband, he is a free wrestling coach. He says he supports his wife in all his professional projects. The young bodybuilder says in an interview that she uses anabolic steroids but just in small doses before a competition!

Besides chemical steroids, which are dangerous for cardiovascular health, it is important to note that there are natural products that can quickly gain muscle mass!

The natural alternatives of anabolic steroids!

This food of the strength of Popeye is super rich in iron. It is the main component of myoglobin, a key protein in the process that feeds the muscles with oxygen.

Rich in vitamin C, they strengthen the body's ability to absorb iron, which in turn increases the production of hemoglobin.

They are not only a staple in almost every crop on the planet, but one of the best natural foods for runners. Rich in carbohydrates, pasta is essential in the daily life of athletes, especially those with oat bran, barley or whole wheat.

This fruit contains more potassium than a banana, so it is a food that has a positive impact on cardiovascular, nerve and blood functions.

It is obvious that this list is not exhaustive and that there is a panoply of foods that have an extraordinary effect on the muscles and the whole body. Feel free to share your food with super powers in the comments!