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Never Forget Those Who Have Abandoned You And Never Forget Those Who Were There For You When You Needed Them

Never Forget Those Who Have Abandoned You And Never Forget Those Who Were There For You When You Needed Them

Have you ever found yourself in a desperate situation, entangled in problems, on the edge of the abyss, and screaming for help without anyone coming to help you? If so, you certainly know the state of incredible disappointment in which we find ourselves. Never forget who turned your back on these times. And did anyone ever come to offer you help when you did not expect anything from anyone? If so, never forget who reached out to you.

You are influenced by people around you
Who are the people who arouse the best in you? And which ones bring out only negative emotions and stress?

It is important to know how to make a difference because the quality of the people around you influences your attitude towards life and your well-being.

Because it does not benefit anyone to be constantly surrounded by negativity or indifference, be with positive people who will cheer you up and make you happy.

So take great care to choose who you are around.

First, spread the joy around yourself and forgive yourself
Embody yourself the change you would like to see around you. Whatever happens, no matter who you meet, spread the good and the positivity.

We are not perfect, we all make bad decisions and we all make mistakes from time to time. You do it, and the others do it too.

For all that, do not get stuck on your feet or be hurt without reacting, but keep your dignity under all circumstances. Forgive people when they hurt you, but do not offer your heart to those who are only there to take advantage of you and who turn their backs on you when you need help.

Never forget who turned you back
What you give is not lost. But do not give indefatigably to those who do not know how to be grateful and who do not give it back to you. These people are toxic to you and with them you risk becoming a sour and bitter person, being sad or even falling into depression.

Know how to recognize those who are never there when you need them, to get away from them.

Observe them as they really are. Observe when they show up and when they disappear. If they are there only when it suits them, you definitely do not need it. Cut the bridges. Do not feel guilty about getting away from them and getting closer to those who deserve your love and investment.

Stop doing too much for those who do not appreciate your help
Do not pay attention to people who are not really interested in you, and who welcome your efforts with indifference.

Do not let your time and energy be stolen by negative and toxic people. They should get the least possible of your time and effort.

Some come to you only when they want something from you. Do not be their spare wheel.

It may be that you love a person from the bottom of your heart but that you are only a crutch for her. You do not need such a person in your life.

On the contrary, get closer to those who are always by your side, and especially when you go through difficult times and need their help.

Never forget who reached out to you
Life is high and low and we always need good friends who support us when times are tough, help us, support us and push us to go forward and become better. These friends deserve our time and affection because they are there for us.

Know how to recognize those who are really worth investing in and making efforts for them. These are the ones who reach out to you in the worst moments to help you get your head out of the water, they are the ones who make you see the end of the tunnel and are like a ray of sunshine in the dark days. These are the real friends. They are always there for you and it is in the worst moments that we can distinguish them from the rest of the world.

Make a priority of people who make you a priority. Never let them go.