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No More Intimacy, These Parents Make A Giant Bed To Sleep With Their Four Children

No More Intimacy, These Parents Make A Giant Bed To Sleep With Their Four Children

Former rugby player Ryan Constable and his wife Kim made people talk with their very unique sleep pattern. The couple made a 5.5-meter bed that is long enough to comfortably accommodate both parents and their four children. A way of life that the mother decided to set up, some congratulate the initiative while others criticize it amply.

Kim is a yoga teacher, she has appeared on TV shows like This Morning and Loose Women to defend her family's practices. According to this mother, the need for a family bed has grown steadily since the birth of her eldest son Corey who is now 11 years old. Indeed, as the other children arrived, they all wanted to sleep in the parents' bed.

Parents and children 24 hours a day
Kim and Ryan decided to answer the request of their children who wanted to share the bed with them all. That's how they made a king size bed, an extra large bed that is over 5 meters long so that everyone feels comfortable. This mom is happy to accompany her children day and night. According to her, this configuration was simpler for her, because she spent a lot of time to make the children sleep in her room.

This mother, who also educates her children at home, says that the act of co-sleep, also called cododo, is above all a practical option. Having them all four in the same bed with her, allows her to monitor them more easily in the middle of the night.

But what about the intimacy of the couple?

Of course, the question everyone asks is: when does Kim and Ryan have sex if they are with their kids 24/7?

According to Kim, she and Ryan are very open with their children on the need to spend time as a couple, and they often sleep together in the guest room. If the children ask why, they tell them that mom and dad need a "hug" ...

Kim adds that this setup makes everyone happy and after all it's the thing that matters most to her.

This practice is not unique to this family, but many families are increasingly opting for the family bed. This is a controversial practice that is very popular in the United States.

Share or not?
Choices around sleep can be personal and sometimes controversial. In Western cultures, it is normal to place babies in different rooms. But in most of the world, the baby sleeps with his parents (bed sharing) or near the parent (shared sleep). The co-sleep pro put forward several advantages including:
  • Children who sleep with their parents sleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • More moms who sleep with their children report feeling more rested.
  • This practice promotes breastfeeding by facilitating nocturnal feedings.

Some research suggests that children who sleep with their parents have stronger affective relationships with themselves and their loved ones.

Traditional Western medical opinions on bed sharing tend to be rather negative. Indeed, in many studies dealing with infant mortality, parental smoking, alcohol consumption, and unhealthy sleeping habits are often major factors, as opposed to bed sharing per se.

However, be aware that co-sleep is not a matter of practice that parents can do but more of an attitude they may have. In addition to the scientific divergence, it is obvious that to adopt such a lifestyle is a family choice with the main goal is the well-being of all!
No More Intimacy, These Parents Make A Giant Bed To Sleep With Their Four Children