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Police Warn Parents: Dealers Sell Drugs That Look Like Children's Sweets

Police Warn Parents: Dealers Sell Drugs That Look Like Children's Sweets

Parents want only the best for their children: happiness, health and safety are aspects of their children's lives that parents will never stop worrying about because the nightmare of any parent is that something serious happens to his child.

Among the most feared threats to parents is the fact that their children use drugs and are victims of criminals and organized gangs of criminals.

Some of these criminals have made drugs with the appearance of colored candies.

US police warning to parents
Recently, police in Hapeville, Georgia, posted a warning on Facebook about the actions of some drug dealers.

On September 21, she arrested a suspicious man and discovered by searching him that he was hiding money, weapons and drugs in his bag.

And, horrible thing, this drug looked like children's candy.

The police seized lollipops containing cannabis and small multicolored cocaine pills in the form of cartoon children's characters.

Captain Jason Dyer said in a statement: "Pills and lollipops are designed to look like candies. Parents, teachers and coaches, educate our youth about these dangers. "

This is not the first time the police have made such a discovery. We also find this type of drug resembling confectionery around the world. To protect our children, we need to talk with them to make them understand what is at stake. Parents, supervisors and children must be vigilant about this traffic, which can cause them serious harm.

The effects of drug use on children
According to the WHO, drug abuse poses serious risks to people's health. Among other things, drugs can cause illness and lead to risky behavior and even death.

As for children who use drugs, they may be subject to mood swings, more frequent infections or personality and learning disorders, and may also become addicted.

Drugs can also have negative consequences on their social, family life, school performance and mental health.

The role of family and loved ones in keeping children safe from drugs
To avoid such risks, it is the duty of fathers, mothers, teachers and all those concerned with the well-being of children, to teach them strong values and to provide them with skills that can guide them and their children. to make the right choices in their lifetime.

It is important to give children a protective family environment so they can feel safe and have the opportunity to participate in discussions where important issues, such as drugs, are discussed openly.

On the other hand, when their loved ones notice abnormal or unusual behaviors in children, they must at best endeavor to understand the problems they are going through and work together to find solutions to help them overcome them.

The role of the school and teachers
Teachers also play an important role in educating children and raising awareness of the harmful effects of drugs. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle and alertness to various dangers such as fake sweets should be discussed together.

Well-informed children will be better able to detect potential risk situations or refuse to use drugs knowingly if they are offered.
Police Warn Parents: Dealers Sell Drugs That Look Like Children's Sweets