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5 Signs That Your Relationship Makes You Unhappy And It's Time To Break Up

5 Signs That Your Relationship Makes You Unhappy And It's Time To Break Up

Leave their partner because of the comfort, stability, and security that the relationship brings them. Some are afraid to leave, and end up staying alone. But be aware that accepting to be unhappy (poorly accompanied) to not be alone is in no way a solution.

At some point in life, we have to make a choice, and sometimes that seemingly difficult choice turns out to be the best thing we can do because we all deserve to be happy, loved and protected.

In the rest of this article, you will discover the 5 signs that you are unhappy in your relationship.

1 - You prefer to spend your time with your family or friends
If you are running away from your partner and looking to spend more time with your family or friends, that should tell you a lot about your relationship. A strong couple is based on communication and trust, and above all, on the desire to stay with each other despite conflict.

If you think communication is the key to your problems, communicate! Talk to your partner honestly and try to find solutions. If, however, your problems seem to be unresolved, it may be time to end your relationship and move on.

2 - Your relationship is more exhausting than satisfactory
Do not you feel motivated, overjoyed, and optimistic? This may be temporary if other external factors (work, financial worries ...) are the cause. But if it is only in the company of your partner that your flame goes out, it is clear that it is your relationship that is the source of your misery. Know that it is neither your fault, nor that of your partner. Sometimes, it happens to two people not to have the same objectives or not to be on the same wavelength. That's when you should choose to follow your own path.

3 - You do not feel sexually attracted by your partner
Of course, you will not be able to have sex as often as at the beginning of your relationship, but that desire should never go away ... If you find yourself saying no to sex very often, this is because that you do not feel connected emotionally and physically anymore. Sexual intercourse does not necessarily define a relationship, but it is essential to have enough regularly. A harmonious relationship requires intimacy both physically and emotionally, and if the balance between these two aspects is not maintained, the relationship will have no future.

4 - You do not appreciate the time spent with your partner
When you spend time together, what effect does it make on you? Do you like being alone with your partner? Watching movies together, going for a walk, shopping, or even doing nothing? If you notice that you are constantly trying to avoid it, you should reassess your relationship.

It may seem scary to break up and move on, but rest assured, your heart will thank you in the long run because you will finally feel free.

5 - You feel choked or trapped in your relationship
You do not feel free and feel that a large part of yourself no longer exists? Unfortunately, it is obvious that you are no longer happy in your relationship. Your partner should teach you new things, bring you new experiences, and make more sense in your daily life. If you feel trapped, flee instead of staying in a relationship that does not flourish.
5 Signs That Your Relationship Makes You Unhappy And It's Time To Break Up