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12 Signs That Someone Is Crazy In Love With You Secretly

12 Signs That Someone Is Crazy In Love With You Secretly

Sometimes someone close to you may be in love with you, but you do not realize it. You may be friends and you do a lot of things together. However, some subtle signs can tell you how crazy someone is in love with you, whether it's someone around you or just your partner!

1. A person who remains authentic
This person can act the same way when she is with you as when she is surrounded by other people. She wants to show you that she does not hide what she really is when she is with you. So, she wants you to feel really comfortable with her, and therefore she does not want to manipulate you or mislead you.

2. This man / woman is doing his best to satisfy you
He goes out of his way to make your life easier and more comfortable. He is someone who can be very helpful with you, doing some shopping for you, or bringing you meals when you do not want to cook. Whenever you need a hand, she is always there for you.

3. He / She is honest
Whatever the circumstances, he is honest with you. He wants only the best for you. And he can not accept to see you regress or give up your plans or dreams. He expects a lot from you because he believes in you, and he knows that you can always do better.

4. He / she is not clingy
He is a calm person who does not go out of his way because you did not send him a message after a certain number of hours. She does not panic because you have other friends with whom you go out and have a good time. He is a man / woman who lets you live your life because he knows he does not have the right to control you or dictate how to live your life.

5. He / She lets you know what he really feels for you
He / She is not cold with you. He does not try to play with you to test you, or play with your feelings. He knows that he feels affection for you, and that he has strong feelings. Besides, he is not afraid to confess you to them.

6. He / She always pays attention to what you say
Your partner never takes you for granted. He listens carefully to everything you have to say to him. And not only does he listen to you, but he really engages with you and helps you in whatever you want to do. He also remembers the little details you tell him, because it's important to him.

7. He / She offers you gifts
Whether flowers, chocolate or gifts of all kinds, he tries to make you happy by all means. He does not need a special occasion to treat you with love and kindness. He just wants you to be happy and fulfilled by his side.

8. He / She leaves you your own space
He / she knows he does not have the right to go beyond a certain limit in your personal life. He is aware that he can not tell you what to do. He always respects your personality and your occasional need for isolation and does not take it badly.

9. He / She always confesses his mistakes when he / she is with you
It is a person who is not ashamed to apologize to you when she knows she is wrong. She will always take responsibility for her words and actions in the relationship. She does not think that asking for forgiveness is an act of humiliation, and she always leaves her ego aside when that person is with you.

10. He / She is not jealous of your success
He / she is always very happy and proud of you every time you reach goals or realize your dreams. He considers your happiness as his own happiness. He finds joy in your fulfillment as a person.

11. You trust him / her when you express yourself
He / she never uses what you tell him against you. He never laughs at you when you tell him about your ideas and dreams. He builds with you a healthy relationship based on communication, a relationship where you can express yourself as freely as possible.

12. He / She always does his best to be worthy of your love
He / she always tries to bring the relationship to a higher level to reinforce it even more. He fully engages in the love you have for each other, and spares no effort to earn your affection.
12 Signs That Someone Is Crazy In Love With You Secretly