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Stop Educating Your Man. He Must Be Your Partner Not Your Child

Stop Educating Your Man. He Must Be Your Partner Not Your Child

You can love him without measure and do everything to satisfy him. You do not like to upset him and will do your best to make him feel good. But, if we tell you that at the end of the day, when you find yourself alone, you will realize that you have been more of a mother to him than a partner. Let's see if you really go out with your boyfriend or if you raise him!

1. He is holding beautiful speeches ...
When a man has a lot of experiences with women, he knows what needs to be done to satisfy his partner's desires. He will melt you and you will instantly crack for his words. And here you will be ready to do anything for him. And then one day, his behavior will exasperate you, his sweet words will have their effect on you ... it's a vicious circle!

2. You support him financially
He depends on you all the time and you are constantly meeting his financial needs. If he is unemployed, do not let him rely on you simply because he is too lazy to work. You must realize that a real man will not wait for his wife to pay the bills.

3. He thinks that the jobs he refuses are not good enough for him
Often, he will refuse all the job offers he will receive on the pretext that they will not use his skills. When this situation lasts long enough, this excuse is no longer valid to tolerate laziness. Do not let him convince you otherwise.

4. You manage everything
You are probably independent and make the decisions yourself, but remember that your partner must also play a role in your life. In a couple, decisions are made at two. Moreover, if he lets you manage everything and allows you to do what you want, it is not because he values your autonomy, but because he does not like to take responsibility.

5. Small bonds annoy him
When you give him something to do (as small as he is), he will complain and make a drama because he is not used to responsibilities. When others are doing things for him, he is happy. Moreover, when duty calls him, he fled, because it does not correspond to his way of life.

6. He throws you hurtful words in every fight
An argument is quite normal, it is part of the life of a couple. But when your partner uses hurtful or even humiliating words to defend himself, this is not a good sign. A man who loves you will never dare to insult you whatever happens between you, he will not even think about it.

7. His roommates do not like him
Well, if your guy is over 25 and still lives with his parents, that raises questions. If he also lives in a roommate, watch how he interacts with his roommates. Sometimes these people may not tolerate their behavior (as you do). Do not wait until your boyfriend gives you an explanation, he will try to defend himself as best he can. So do your little investigation to better understand what is happening.

8. His room is messy
He does not care to clean his room, do the laundry ... At the very beginning, you will offer your help, but soon after, you'll get tired. Do not let him expect you to pack his things for him. Let him learn how to do it, he's an adult.

9. He delivers everything overnight
Let's face it, we all procrastinate from time to time. But if your partner is making procrastination their favorite pastime, it's time to make things clear.

10. You always find excuses for him
He forgets your birthday, does not show up at the dinner you have planned with your friends ... but you think it's not that bad, you always find excuses to forgive, even if it breaks your heart . This is not normal, so open your eyes and react!
Stop Educating Your Man