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9 Tips You Need To Know About A Flawless Bathroom

9 Tips You Need To Know About A Flawless Bathroom

If there is one room in the house that everyone fears to clean, it is certainly the bathroom, with all its bacteria, its deposits of limestone and all the dirt that accumulate everywhere and lodge in every corner. Fortunately, there are ways to clean the bathroom, if not a piece of fun, at least a breeze thanks to these simple and effective tips that will make your life easier.

Here are 9 effective and simple tips like hello to keep your bathroom clean and healthy.

1. Clean the bath and shower
To thoroughly clean your bath or shower and shine all surfaces, mix a portion of washing up liquid and a part of vinegar in a small basin. Then rinse the sides of your shower and rub them with a sponge soaked in your new mixture.

2. Clean the shower head
For a clean shower head, immerse it in an airtight plastic bag filled with vinegar. Close the bag with an elastic band and let soak for about an hour. Then rinse your shower head and you will be surprised to see the effectiveness of this process!

3. Clean mildew tile joints
To remove any repelling mildew from your bathroom tile joints, equip yourself with a pair of household gloves and mix baking soda with just enough water to form a thick paste. Spread this paste in thick layers on all the places you want to clean, and leave for 8 hours before returning to rub your joints with a toothbrush.

4. Clean the traces of limestone
To remove any limescale residue from your faucet, simply cut a lemon in half and scrub the surfaces to be cleaned in the manner of a sponge.

5. Clean the shower doors
For impeccable shower doors, just use white vinegar. Take some newspaper and soak it with white vinegar, then scrub the shower doors with it. You will be surprised to see that this trick has eliminated all traces of limestone.

6. Clean ceramic and porcelain
Because the ceramic of your bathtub and your sink are always found very quickly covered with grime and soap scum, it is better to use this trick several times a week. First rub your washbasin with a dishcloth soaked in dish soap or other organic cleanser, then rinse and spray lemon juice or white vinegar over the entire surface of the sink or tub. Let stand for 15 minutes before rinsing one last time and wipe with a cloth.

7. Clean the toilet
The toilets sometimes have hard-to-reach corners with a cloth or a brush, such as the space between the seat and the hunt. To clean this space, fold a towel soaked in organic dishwashing liquid or white vinegar around the shank of a screwdriver, and pass it through the slot under the hunt.

8. Keep your toilet brush fresh
So that your toilet brush is always operational and also to give the whole room a fresh smell, pour a small amount of soil cleaner into the brush holder. When you use it, simply dip it lightly.

9. Clean the faucet handles
Deep cleaning of faucet handles is an essential hygiene measure and should be done regularly, as they are among the objects that collect the most bacteria in a bathroom.

To clean your handles, brush them with white vinegar and leave for a few minutes before putting the tip of a screwdriver or toothpick into the slots and removing all the grime.
9 Tips You Need To Know About A Flawless Bathroom