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There Is A Toxic Attraction Between Empathic People And Narcissists

There Is A Toxic Attraction Between Empathic People And Narcissists

It is undeniable that the term narcissistic has recently become a buzzword, and some people do not hesitate to apply it to an ex-boyfriend, a family member or a friend. Although knowledge of this concept is healthy, it is important to know that this is in the context of mental health, a serious psychological illness that should not apply to anyone. In this article we expose the personality traits of a narcissist in his relationship with an empath, which is his strict opposite.

The narcissist and the empath
One of the important things about narcissists is that they are constantly trying to seek the validation of others. Most narcissistic people have generally experienced painful events during their childhood, which encourages them to constantly seek approval and validation.

The empath can be considered the healer. It has the ability to detect if a person is suffering from any type of pain. He takes pain on himself and experiences the pain of others. If the empath is not aware who he is dealing with, he will suffer because he will feel pain again and again because he is unable to protect himself. The empath can form bonds with a narcissist to relieve the pain felt by him.

The relationship between a narcissist and an empath
The empathic problem is that they do not fully understand that not everyone is like them, this perception of others may weaken and confuse them. Empaths often put themselves in the place of others. They also try to feel what others feel or think, while forgetting that some people might be dishonest.

Unlike empaths, narcissists are great manipulators, they can absorb the energy and soul of the people they come in contact with. They try to rise above others and exercise control. This means that the more empathes give affection and love, the more the narcissists become strong. It also means that the empathes become the victim. Then, over time, they begin to change, because they also become injured.

The moment when the narcissist feels that there is a change in the empath, that he is wounded, it will then be enough for the narcissist to keep the empath under his control. The empath will always show that he is unhappy and this will be enough to make the narcissist take more power to validate his value.

The empath will begin to forget all that is related to the positive aspect of life. He will be obsessed with the pain he feels. It will focus only on the abuse and trauma it suffers. Instead of trying to break the link with the narcissist, he will do his best to be validated and appreciated by the latter, which will never happen. The only thing an empath can do to find each other is to break with the narcissist.

Trying to communicate with a narcissist is useless because he will not do anything to change or help anyone. Moreover, he tries to manipulate and exert his negativity thanks to his charismatic personality.

How to get out of a relationship with a narcissist?
An empath should understand at this point that the relationship is going nowhere. It is almost impossible to build a relationship with a narcissist. The empath will feel unloved and lose confidence in him. He has the choice to blame the narcissist for this destructive relationship, to continue to become the victim or to love himself enough to be able to separate from this toxic person. It can be difficult to find the courage to leave the relationship and it will require a lot of willpower and perseverance.

In other words, the empath has the choice to remain a pawn in the game of the narcissist, that is to say the victim, or find a way out.

The more empaths learn about the personality of narcissists, the less likely they are to develop a relationship with someone with the traits of this toxic personality. In case a relationship is already installed, it's never too late to get out.

It is important to understand that most narcissists do not want to change, even if they promise to do so. Therefore, even if a narcissist tries to change, he can do it for a period and return to his nature later, making it a total waste of time.

That's not all, a narcissist could probably try to get out of the relationship once he realizes he is no longer able to control the empath.
Toxic Attraction Between Empathic People And Narcissists