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Turbulent Kids Are More Likely To Succeed In Their Adult Lives, Say Experts

Turbulent Kids Are More Likely To Succeed In Their Adult Lives, Say Experts

The parents do not know any rest, especially when the children are small insolents having an enormous sense of the distribution, and always ready to answer and complicate the task. But take this on the right side, (at least try), because you figure that these small turbulents will have a much better chance of succeeding in their adult life.

When your children react, it's good for their development. You do not want your child to always blindly agree with everything that's said, right? These little moments when he tests your authority are in fact constructive elements allowing you to control your own life. It is a skill that he acquires and exercises afterwards. It is therefore important that he learns with you first, then with others.

Children who respond to their parents have a strong character
Studies conducted by the University of Virginia have shown that children and teens who regularly quarrel with their parents are better equipped to resolve their differences outside the home. The researchers asked more than 150 13-year-olds to describe their arguments with their parents. Two years later, they compared their responses with how they reacted to the pressure. Children who learned that it was acceptable to disagree with parents, while remaining calm, were more able to resist peer pressure in real life.

The theory is that children who challenge their parents are more able to set limits with confidence, while those who do not learn to argue effectively with others are more likely to withdraw from the people who challenge them.

Talkative children do better at school
Why is the sky blue ? Do dogs like music? How do planes fly? Children want to discuss and know everything, and questions are among the ways they use to get answers. And in terms of their educational development, it can help them in the long run.

A study from the University of Miami found that preschool talkative kids are better prepared for kindergarten. Even children who talk to the point of disrupting the rest of the class are more involved in the learning process and receive more attention. Shy children, on the other hand, tend to be disconnected from activities and neglected by teachers.

Researchers suggest that while speaking, talkative children develop communication skills and learn to search for and obtain answers to their questions. Thus, begins the development of their problem solving process.

Children who challenge the authority of their parents become stubborn adults
A study published in the journal Developmental Psychology examined the impact of children's behavior on career success in adulthood. The researchers first observed the participants at the age of 12, then again 40 years later. They found that frequently breaking the rules as a child is the most important predictor (non-cognitive) of their high earnings in adulthood.

Researchers suggest that this trait goes hand in hand with being more competitive and assertive. This makes the children in turn better pay negotiators and more likely to ask for increases.

In conclusion, try not to worry too much when you do not know how to handle your turbulent children, because always remember that they will be well equipped to manage their adult life.
Turbulent Kids Are More Likely To Succeed In Their Adult Lives, Say Experts