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Usa: Law Forbids Leaving Animals Outside In Cold Weather

Usa: Law Forbids Leaving Animals Outside In Cold Weather

Dogs are innocent pets and so faithful to their masters. Thanks to their joie de vivre and all the positive energy they generate, these little creatures are able to brighten your days, and help you forget all your worries. Hence the importance of taking care of them, and treating them with all the benevolence and affection they deserve. And what better way to make your dog happy than to keep it warm, and protect it against the temperature drop that is very harmful to your health? Here is a new law that forbids leaving dogs outside during the fall and winter.

Not all dogs are immune to falling temperatures. The latter could have very detrimental effects on their health, and have a very negative impact on their well-being. Unfortunately, many people forget to protect their dogs from the cold, and leave them outside for hours and hours without thinking about the impact this could have on their bodies. Discover this new American law that punishes all those who leave their dogs outside while it's cold.

The law of "Free": A big step in the protection of animals:
If you are active on social networks, you have probably already read the story of Libre, a small dog that was saved in 2016 by the US animal welfare services. Indeed, the small dog was found alone on a farm in miserable conditions, his condition was so critical that the people who saved him believed he could never survive.

Today, this dog who has been abandoned by its owner leads a happy life, and his health has improved considerably. But his tragic story shocked people so much that the US government decided to put in place a new list of strict and detailed measures for the protection of animals. Among these new laws, we find the law of "Free", a law that punishes all those who leave their dogs outside while it is cold.

Indeed, this new law that was recently passed in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States, states that anyone who leaves their dog outside when the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius may be punished by a fine of about 657 euros, and criminal imprisonment for up to 3 months in the most extreme cases. The law also states that it is forbidden to leave your dog tied when the temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius.

We hope that this far will encourage all dog owners to take care of their animals, and that all governments of the world will put in place similar laws to protect these little creatures, and offer them the happy and fulfilling lives they deserve .

How to protect your dog from the cold?
During the fall and winter, you do everything to protect yourself from the cold, and avoid catching diseases related to the drop in temperature, but do you think about your dog? Here are some tips to follow to protect your dog from the harmful effects of cold:

- If your dog can not stand the cold, buy him a coat specially designed for dogs. You can also buy him slippers to protect his paws against the irritation caused by the cold.

- Although walks are a favorite activity of dogs, it is strongly recommended to shorten their duration when the temperature is too low. And to make up for it, you can spend a few minutes of your time playing with your dog inside the house.

- Do not let your dog sleep on the floor, think to buy him a mat or a mattress.

- When the temperature drops, some breeds of dogs may need a richer diet. So always make sure you have enough food, and never forget to give it water to hydrate your body.

- Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian if your dog is suffering from persistent fatigue, and you notice a change in his behavior.
Law forbids leaving animals outside in cold weather