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Women Claim Disrespect And Physical Abuse During Childbirth

Women Claim Disrespect And Physical Abuse During Childbirth

Ever since an American mother abused during her delivery decided to sue the nurses who cared for her, more and more moms and doulas (non-medical companions) started to break the silence about the violence that some health professionals inflict on women during childbirth. Discover their testimonials.

While childbirth is considered a happy event that must engrave precious memories in the memory of mothers. Some health professionals can turn it into a real ordeal for the women they care for. In this article, we share with you shocking and scandalous truths about the violence that takes place in the operating rooms of the maternity ward.

A mother who broke the silence ...
A few months ago, the testimony of an American woman went around the web. Indeed, this woman who was already mother of 3 small children, had decided to choose a hospital of renown in order to give birth to her 4th child. She was waiting for D-Day with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, despite all the promises conveyed through the advertising campaigns of the hospital in question, his delivery was a real descent into hell, and that's the least we can say.

The first signs of work appeared a little earlier than expected for Caroline. She went to the hospital but was very uncomfortably surprised to find that her doctor was not present. But unfortunately her ordeal did not stop here ... Indeed, the nurses asked her to lie on her back, and to remain motionless, and when she told them that she was planning to give birth in a natural way, the latter completely ignored her, and continued to inflict cruel and inhuman torture on her, regardless of her well-being or that of her baby.

When the baby started to pull her head, Caroline decided to get down on all fours because she thought it was the best position for her, but again, the two nurses forced her to lie down on the back, and one of them even pushed the baby's head into her vagina, and left it in for 6 minutes pretending not to hear the cries and tears of the mother who she begged her to put an end to her torture.

Conclusion: The baby is in good health, but Caroline is now suffering from an incurable and painful nerve injury, she will not be able to give birth to other children or to have sex with her partner. Fortunately, after two years of fierce battle in the courts, the mother was finally able to win the case, the latter received $ 16 million in compensation for all the abuse she suffered, and The nurses in question had to pay a high price for their cruel and inhumane act.

90% of doulas and delivery nurses saw doctors abusing women in labor
A survey conducted in 2014 found that nearly 90% of respondents had seen a health professional engage in procedures without giving women time to think, and nearly 60% had observed professionals performing procedures to against the wishes of the mother.

It is not the doctors, obstetric gynecologists / gynecologists or nurses who report this problem, but the doulas who have spoken on the large number of cases of obstetric violence.

Obstetric violence: alarming figures

According to a report published by the High Council for equality between men and women, one French mother in two claims to have had an episiotomy whose motive was not explained, and 6% of women are not satisfied with the follow-up health professionals during childbirth and pregnancy.

Obstetric and gynecological abuse is physical and verbal abuse by health professionals during the delivery process. Among the acts that are considered to be obstetric violence, we find:

- The manual verification of the uterine cavity without the future mother being anesthetized.
- Episiotomy when it is not essential.
- The vaginal touch without the prior consent of the mother.

Today, thanks to the many listening cells that have been set up by some activists against gynecological and obstetric violence, women are talking more and more openly about the mistreatment they undergo in the context of childbirth, and their testimonies are extremely shocking. Between insults, humiliating remarks, non-consensual exhibition, and forced medical gestures, some women experienced real trauma in the maternity wards.

"They tied my arms, it was humiliating ...", or "I did not see my child for 7 hours because I was afraid to disturb the night shift". Excerpts from social networks, it is possible to discover hundreds of poignant and shocking stories told by mothers who have suffered obstetric and gynecological violence.