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105-Year-Old Former Wartime Nurse Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret For A Long Life

105-Year-Old Former Wartime Nurse Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret For A Long Life

So many people would like to live as long as possible, stay with their loved ones for a longer period and have a good time. The questions on this subject are jostling, but the most important remains: "How can I stay alive until a very advanced age? ". The factors at stake may indeed be many, but this old woman would hold the secret.

What parameters come into play when talking about longevity?
According to demographer James Riley, in two centuries, overall human longevity has more than doubled for men, rising from 25 to 65 years. It has, however, almost tripled on the side of women since their life expectancy has increased from 25 to 70 years. He pointed out, however, that there was no indication that such a trend could last indefinitely.

A study published in 2009 in the Journal of Population Aging and conducted by Kenneth Howe and Sarah Harper, both from Oxford University in Oxford, highlighted some factors that significantly impact human longevity across ages.

What they began by emphasizing is that before the 1950s, the increase in life expectancy was closely linked to the reduction of infant mortality. It was also thought that such growth could be explained by a great deal of progress in several areas such as safety, education, hygiene, food and medicine. But since then, we have seen how much longevity depends greatly on the socio-economic level of each country.

Beware of stereotypes about the growth of life expectancy
The two researchers, however, insist that people do not fall prey to the preconceptions on this subject, since during the great depression that hit the US in 1929, the longevity of US citizens has increased unexpectedly. As a result, she went from 57 that year to a little over 63 in the year 1932.

It even declined during periods of economic prosperity before the Great Depression and in 1936 and 1937. According to scientists, such a development could be explained by the significant decline in consumption of tobacco and alcohol are generally driven by unemployment as well as by the reduction of the industrial pollution rate.

A centenary who delivers us the secret of his longevity
Brenda Osbourne, is an English woman born in 1913 in Mansfield, Nottingham County. She also decided to take advantage of her 105th birthday to reveal something that, according to her, would be at the origin of its considerable longevity.

She suddenly said, "I owe my good health to work, not to stress, to stay positive and to drop things that are not worth it. "

According to her grand-niece, Marie Pollard, Brenda thinks a woman should not be worried about men.

However, she gave nothing else as a detail on how best to achieve it. She also did not advise men about longevity or about how they would not be a problem for the opposite gender.

A life that really has nothing ordinary
The old woman even received an award for having had only one day off due to illness during a nursing career that lasted 33 years. She even survived two world wars and cared for veterans from Dunkirk. She also lived for 93 years in her childhood home before leaving for the "Brrokholme Croft Nursing Home" in Hasland, after her 104th birthday.

Given her absolutely unusual life, Brenda said she was just disappointed by the absence of the Queen of England on her birthday. She says, "I loved this holiday, but although I received a letter from the Queen, a visit from her would have been much better. "

She took the opportunity to thank all the staff at the retirement home for the good work they do. But many wonder what the centenary meant by "avoiding men", perhaps it means that men should be avoided? Knowing she said she had a happy marriage with her husband who died at the age of 98.

Anyway, the independence and the will of this woman remain impressive. She will have at least learned that being anxious and negative about a lot of things destroys us without knowing it, a lesson that no one should forget.