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This 50-year-old Woman Underwent 40 Plastic Surgeries To Look 20 Years Old

This 50-year-old Woman Underwent 40 Plastic Surgeries To Look 20 Years Old

On a Chinese social media, a story quickly became viral: it shows a woman transformed by plastic surgery. Ms. Li Gaia did not hesitate to disclose her impressive change. By publishing a before and after picture on her profile, where she attracted the attention of a large number of people, sharing the story in turn.

50-year-old Woman Underwent 40 Plastic Surgeries To Look 20 Years Old

At the age of 50, this dance teacher has endured 40 painful surgeries, against the will of her husband, to achieve her goal; to stay young.

And this desire for youth is not surprising because many of us have trouble accepting, as soon as they arrive, the signs of old age such as spots, wrinkles or sagging skin. Indeed, we almost all aspire to a smooth skin and an eternal freshness. This is why some people do not hesitate to hide this "inconvenience" by passing injections of botulinum toxin, commonly called "Botox", which helps to reduce wrinkles by reducing the repeated contractions of the muscles through paralysis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter of nerve impulses. But for a more pronounced effect, others resort to facelift. This is the case (in a little more extreme) of this fifties.

In pursuit of youth
Ms. Li Gaia is an active and athletic woman. It measures 1m68 for 59kg. She has a good metabolism and a harmonious body. However, she often heard people talking behind her back. One day, while walking in the street, she surprised a person saying "from a distance, it looks like a flower, but up close, it is only an old wrinkled lady". This kind of annoying words made her lose confidence in her and made her want to regain her physical appearance of the past, especially since, given her job, she attaches great importance to her body and her image. that she returns. Ms. Li Gaia went to the hospital for plastic surgery. She had made the firm decision to use the facelift and to remodel her body impressively. Putting her couple in danger, she undergoes several surgeries for the modest sum of $ 15,000.

A dangerous change for this couple
Indeed, her husband was green with rage but it was nothing compared to the will of his wife. Seeing her fury, she left him a note in which she wrote: "If you want to divorce, I would still go to the hospital to make my face lifted." Besides, she still does not recover because she is still married. Feral the "old lady wrinkled" or rather ex-wrinkled!

Today, thanks to her athlete's body and her smooth skin, one would swear she's no more than thirty! Her husband does not dare to approach her anymore, not even to kiss him. He probably wonders if it's allowed by law ...

Surgery and the need to remake
So far, Ms. Li Gaia remains insatiable. She still wants more and wants more in terms of cosmetic surgery. Although this is painful and she spent the last four years to undergo surgeries, until the 40th surgery, she remains pegged to this new fad to realize her dreams of eternal youth.

However, it should be remembered that surgery is only a temporary solution and that the best way to feel good about yourself is self-acceptance.