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Advil, Nurofen and Ibuprofen May Cause Heart Attack Warns US Health Agency

Advil, Nurofen and Ibuprofen May Cause Heart Attack Warns US Health Agency

Ibuprofen is an analgesic prescribed by doctors to relieve the pain of their patients. This medicine, which helps to calm headaches, toothache or mild to moderate joint pain can however, when used regularly, harming the health of people.

The fact that ibuprofen can be dispensed to you without a prescription at the pharmacy does not mean that this drug is harmless. Like all other medications you consume, it has side effects that should be read to be informed of its actual effects on your body, especially if you consume often.

Side effects of ibuprofen
Many researchers report that frequent use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, to such an extent that the Food and Drug Administration (the US health agency) has issued several warnings about these substances. This warning is also valid for all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) without aspirin.

For ibuprofen specifically, the risk of having a heart attack increases even after short-term use and continues to increase over time, if use continues.

On the other hand, the risks for people to suffer from heart problems while taking ibuprofen increase with age and start to be really worrying from the age of 40 years.

This medication has also been linked to an increase in the following health risks for patients:

- Hypertension
- Loss of hearing
- Dementia
- Bone fragilization
- Damage to DNA

According to Professor Patrice Queneau, a member of the National Academy of Medicine, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of which ibuprofen is a part "are very useful but they must be used with care, for short durations and at appropriate dosages" .

As a result, it is important to limit our consumption of ibuprofen to the maximum and, why not, simply do without it.

Relieve pain naturally

Because aggressive medications are far from the only solution to pain, here are some natural solutions to relieve yours:

- The qigong
Qigong is a Chinese ancestral practice that consists of certain movements and postures, a work of the mind and a mastery of the breath. It aims to circulate the energies in the body and thus prevent the ills and diseases. People who practice qigong regularly experience significant improvements in their health.

- Arnica
Arnica is a medicinal plant whose qualities have been recognized for a long time. It relieves all kinds of pain, from bruising to osteoarthritis and muscle pain. You can eat it as an infusion and tincture or apply it directly to your skin as a gel, oil or compress.

- The virgin olive oil
The virtues of olive oil are innumerable. Recognized for millennia, it is anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Moreover, scientific studies have shown that oléocanthal contained in olive oil has the same anti-inflammatory effects as ibuprofen.

- Acupuncture
Acupuncture has long been an integral part of Chinese medicine, and for good reason: it is known for its effectiveness in relieving pain and preventing many diseases. The stimulation of certain points makes it possible to preserve and maintain the energy balance of the body. Its pain-relieving effects are felt immediately for transient pain and in the long term when it comes to chronic pain.

- Massages
You will have already noticed: the massage calms and relaxes. It also soothes pain, including headaches. Whether in a specialized institute or by your loved ones, having a regular massage is excellent for relieving tension and increasing your fitness and well-being.
Advil, Nurofen and Ibuprofen