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Babies Born In November Are Exceptional

Babies Born In November Are Exceptional

The month in which we are born has an influence on many aspects of our lives. Our personality, our abilities but also our health are impacted by our month of birth, and this is not about astrology, a discipline about which we may not agree, but proven facts by statistical studies. To you who were born in November, here are seven things that could well distinguish you from other people and so many reasons that probably make you special.

From January to December, each month has its own characteristics and peculiarities, which often give babies who are born there as many distinctive features.

For neuroscientist Russell Foster, Oxford University, "your life expectancy, your height, your academic performance, your body mass index in adulthood, whether you're in the morning or the evening and your risks of developing a number of diseases, are all related to a certain extent with the time of year in which you are born. "

Whether you or someone close to you was born in November or was expecting a child for this month, here are seven characteristics that November's natives have in common and that sets them apart from others.

They are bigger and bigger
People born in winter and in the coldest months of the year tend to be larger and taller at birth and during childhood than those born in summer and during the warmer months, after a study at Harvard University. For the researchers, babies born during the cold months and who consequently had a gestation during the hottest months of the year, would have benefited during their training in the belly of their mother from a better blood flow placenta and a better supply of vitamin D, which is mostly synthesized by the skin when it is in contact with the sun's rays.

They have better physical condition
A study of the physical abilities of schoolchildren showed that those born in November could, in physical fitness tests, perform 10% to 15% better than their peers born the other way. months of the year.

They tend to go to bed earlier
People born in autumn and winter would be more likely than others to go to bed early, as Spanish and Italian researchers would have shown in a study of the different factors influencing people's sleep.

For boys, they are more likely to be left-handed
Research from the University of Vienna conducted on nearly 13,000 adults revealed that men born between November and January were more likely to be left-handed than others.

They are less likely to suffer from certain diseases
According to a study by Queen Mary University of London, people born in November are less likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular disorders than those born in other months of the year. The latter would also have a lower risk of suffering from depression.

They live longer
Researchers at the University of Chicago in the United States have shown that people born in November were more likely to live long, especially to celebrate their 100th birthday, than those born in other months of the year.
Babies born in November are exceptional