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It's Official ! Chocolate, Tea And Coffee Allow You To Live Longer

It's Official ! Chocolate, Tea And Coffee Allow You To Live Longer

It is impossible to review your lifestyle without reviewing your diet and knowing what each food has the best to offer your body. And the most surprising thing about this is that even scientists are still discovering the benefits that certain combinations of nutrients can have on us every day and how they can have positive long-term effects.

Zinc, chocolate, tea and coffee, a winning combo?

A recent study has suggested that consuming chocolate while taking zinc supplements may give birth to a compound known to slow down the aging process. But remember first that it is the "internal stress" accumulated over several years that is often the cause of diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer's disease.

It is important to know that zinc is a supplement considered to be relatively harmless, which is why German researchers believe that taking it regularly would slow down aging.

Chocolate, coffee and tea contain antioxidant polyphenols that actively help fight the damage that body cells can do. And this is where researchers at the German University of Erlangen-Nuremberg come into play, as they discovered that the presence of zinc activated a compound present in polyphenols.

A magical compound capable of incredible things

Activation of such a compound would have the main role of protecting the body against a gas that is released as waste by the cells. This gas is thus capable of damaging an individual's DNA and causing what is called "oxidative stress" which itself plays a determining role in the aging process. It is also linked to the inflammation that potentially causes cancer and some neurodegenerative diseases.

Since polyphenols can not eradicate this harmful gas alone, it is their combination with zinc that gives them this additional power in the form of a "complex" compound. It mimics the natural enzyme superoxide dismutase that has the ability to dissipate this gas to protect the body against its harmful effects.

This study has for the first time proved that the effect of this enzyme can be copied without using minerals such as iron or copper, knowing that these two elements can become toxic in case of sustained exposure. Excess iron has also been associated with liver disease, diabetes and heart failure. While a large amount of copper can cause anemia, low blood pressure and fever.

Zinc, on the other hand, remains harmless despite the use of higher doses. But overexposure can lead to nausea and taste changes. Scientists therefore hope that such a compound can be offered as a supplement or incorporated into a drug in order to minimize side effects.

More zinc in the food?
Despite the fact that it is already present in large quantities in some foods such as squash seeds, oysters, red meat or lentils, it would seem possible to add zinc in foods that already contain polyphenols. the base.

Dr. Ivana Ivanovic-Burmazovic, lead author of the research says: "It is possible that wine, coffee, tea or chocolate with a zinc supplement are available in the near future. However, it should be remembered that any presence of alcohol would inevitably ruin the beneficial effects of this combination, meaning that only alcohol-free wine can be effective. "
Chocolate, Tea And Coffee Allow You To Live Longer