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Death Has An Odor And People Who Are Going To Die Could Detect It

Death Has An Odor And People Who Are Going To Die Could Detect It

When we are confronted with the incredible complexity of the human body and its prodigious functioning, we realize how limited our knowledge is. Scientists around the world are constantly trying to uncover some of its mysteries and understand the phenomena that underlie life. One of these mysteries lies in the origin of emotions and feelings; another is that of instants which precede death.

There are many doctors whose patients seem to know that their end is near and that they will soon die. How do they know? Where does this knowledge come from? What is this sixth sense that allows them to know, sometimes with certainty, that they are living their last moments? These are questions that remain unresolved, but to which British researchers may have been able to provide some answers.

Death has an odor and dying patients would be able to detect it

According to a study by the School of Psychology at the University of Kent in Britain, end-of-life patients would be able to unconsciously recognize certain smells that indicate they are dying.

For Dr. Arnaud Wisman, who led this study, the decomposition process of a person's body gives off a lot of odors, one of which is putrescine. The researchers hypothesized that this molecule could act as an olfactory warning signal, even though the human being would not be able to notice this odor consciously.

Research has thus helped to associate putrescine with negative emotions in people. They further revealed that participants who were exposed to this compound changed their behavior and became more alert and showed signs of a fight-or-flight response.

What do people who know they will die?
If people who feel death approaching have one thing in common, it would certainly be the urgency they feel to make peace with their enemies and repair their relationships with their loved ones and the people they hurt and they could hurt. It seems that they attach the utmost importance to leaving this world with peace of mind.

Many people are aware that they are about to die thanks to some sort of sixth sense. They disconnect and suddenly lose interest in the trivia of this life to focus on what is essential.

Let us focus on what is essential before death takes us away.

Focus on the essentials
The majority of people who know they are living their last moments think only of their relationships with others. What if our relationships and the behavior we had with others were one of the most important things in life?

In this regard, a team of researchers at Harvard University discovered during a 75-year study called the Grant and Glueck Study, that what played the biggest role in people's happiness during their lifetime was neither work, nor money, nor power, but human relations.

Being connected
According to the results of this study, people who have strong ties to family members, friends and community members and who maintain these relationships are happier.

Quality takes precedence over quantity
On the other hand, it has been shown that in terms of relationships and in almost all fields, quality is better than quantity, so that in terms of our relationships, it is their harmony and the strength of the bonds that bring us closer to the others that matter most.

Thus, success and happiness in life depend on success in our relationships with others. To build close relationships with those around us, let us develop our human qualities and do our best to make ourselves useful, to help people, to understand them, to forgive them and to love them.
Death Has An Odor And People Who Are Going To Die Could Detect It