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A Dog Dies Of A Heart Attack After Being Terrified By Fireworks

A Dog Dies Of A Heart Attack After Being Terrified By Fireworks

Animals are wonderful creatures. They allow us to feed ourselves by giving us their milk, their eggs and all the other delicious foods. They are also faithful helpers when they guide the disabled among us and help us with all kinds of work. They are also precious companions who give us their sincere affection and love. Among them, dogs are particularly endearing and loyal, so we call them our best friends.

Nocturnal festivities that sometimes turn to drama

The Bonfire Night is a celebration celebrated in Britain on November 5th. The weekend following this date, the British engage in festivities during which they light bonfires and fireworks, which impress the spectators with their movements and their lights but which also involve violent explosions and noisy.

Despite their use for recreational purposes, fireworks are primarily explosives and as such, they can not be misused without consequences. Serious and sometimes fatal accidents are regularly reported and affect people as well as animals, victims all too often forgotten.

Frightened, terrified, many die literally out of fear.

The sad story of Winston, faithful and beloved dog

Winston was an adorable and loyal dog who had served more than eight years as a watch dog in Bulgaria, where he had been abused. Having found refuge at the Dogs 4 Rescue Center in Manchester, he had recently started medical treatment for heart problems and feared loud noises and fireworks.

Winston and his companions at the Dogs 4 Rescue Center

That's how during the Bonfire Night, the detonations terrified poor Winston. The staff at the center thought for a moment that the fireworks had stopped and brought the animals out of their niches. They started again and Winston rushed under the decking of a wooden deck, a space too narrow for the animal of 80 kg who wanted to hide at all costs.

The next day, Winston was found dead. Fear and dread had prevailed, and his death was devastating for the center's workers, one of whom said, "Winston was the most loyal dog I've ever known and I miss him more than anything."

Take care of animals
Animals must be treated with kindness and humanity. Our duty is to worry about their well-being and provide them with food and a quality environment where they can live happily and safely from fear and danger. As for sick animals such as Winston, we should treat them as best we can and take into account their well-being and their needs.

The animals are not there for us to exploit them as we wish and then forsake them. It is our duty to respect them and treat them as best we can.

Here are some tips to take care of your animals:

- Be sure to feed them

- Consider your pet's breed, lifestyle, activity, and needs to adapt the diet you provide. Give him healthy, nutritious food.

- Take them regularly to the vet

- Like humans, animals need to be followed by a health professional who can ensure that they are well and will be able to provide the care they need.

- Take care of their fur

- Clean your pet and keep it in a clean and hygienic condition by washing it if necessary, brushing it and checking for fleas or ticks.

- Caress them and baby them

Pay attention to your pet by caressing him, cuddling him and spending time with him. Stroll together and give him time, love and tenderness.