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Do You Have An Enlarged Stomach? Here's How To Say Goodbye To Constipation And Bloating

Do You Have An Enlarged Stomach? Here's How To Say Goodbye To Constipation And Bloating

Bloating and flatulence are ailments that suffer a majority of people for whom this causes great discomfort. Some vegetables cause more gas than others, so choose them carefully or at least reduce their consumption. However, there are ingredients that have digestive and medicinal properties that will help you get rid of bloating and even constipation.

Some foods, good for health and provide significant nutrients to the body, however, should be consumed in moderation when suffering from stomach swelling.

What are the foods responsible for bloating and flatulence?

Dairy products
Whether coconut milk, almond or even cheese and yogurt, know that dairy products cause gas and bloating. While their consumption represents an interesting contribution in calcium essential for the bone capital. However, the lactose content in these products may not be well assimilated by the digestive tract, resulting in a fermentation, which will inevitably lead to gas and bloating.

Broccoli, cabbage and asparagus
In addition to their nutritional benefits, these vegetables contain hard-to-digest sugar, which can lead to gas.

They contain polysaccharides that are a kind of indigestible sugar in the body. The best is to soak them in water before cooking to eliminate the sugar they contain.

Apples and pears
These are fruits rich in soluble fiber. But if our stomach is sensitive, they can cause us sensitivity, causing bloating. It is advisable not to eliminate them from the general diet but just to reduce their consumption.

Chewing gum and sweets
Sweets and chewing gum contain sweeteners that can cause gastrointestinal problems. In addition by chewing chewing gum, we will swallow more air, which will create gas.

Fizzy drinks
In addition to their high sugar content, these drinks contain carbon dioxide that causes bloating.

Ingredients that reduce constipation and bloating

The carminative properties of cumin help fight against the formation of gas and flatulence. They also make it possible to increase the proliferation of the good bacteria of the intestine, which will have the effect of generating a flat stomach.

Thanks to its enzyme called zingibain, ginger has the power to remove gas, reduce bloating and relieve gastrointestinal problems.

Dill contains antispasmodic agents that help relieve bloating and flatulence. In addition it is a source of potassium that gives it the role of a powerful diuretic.

Like ginger, pineapple contains enzymes that promote good digestion for proper gas elimination and bloating. In addition, its anti-inflammatory nature reduces the swelling of the stomach.

Chamomile has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and carminative properties. It helps reduce the stress that is the main cause of digestive problems.

Originally from Central America, this leak is rich in fiber and contains papain that breaks down the proteins in our diet for better digestion and therefore eliminates bloating of constipation.

Vinegar and lemon
Thanks to the fibers they contain, vinegar and lemon stimulate the digestive juices for a long time.
better absorption of nutrients and thus remedy bloating and constipation. Their acid helps to facilitate the transit of lazy intestines and soften hard stools.

Note also that stress and poor nutrition can cause all these inconveniences, extremely annoying.

For people suffering from burning or stomach ulcers, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of cider vinegar as well as lemon.

Ginger is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetics and weak people.
Goodbye To Constipation And Bloating