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Gemini Are Liars, Cheats And Thieves And Everyone Knows It

Gemini Are Liars, Cheats And Thieves And Everyone Knows It

Astrology characterizes each astral sign by qualities and defects that it possesses. Some signs are more significant than others; they are distinguished by particular qualities or insurmountable defects. The Gemini sign is one of them and he is often called a liar, a hypocrite or a cheater. With his ease and his humor, he dazzles more than one, however, it is necessary to be wary of it and here is why.

Among all the astrological signs, Gemini tends to have the worst reputation for several reasons.

He is a very big talker
Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents communication and exchange. For this reason, he can be an excellent speaker, except that he talks too much and can speak for two people, in agreement, with his symbol. By using word games, he has the ability to thwart a conversation within a group of people while being hypocritical and creating discord around him.

He's never listening
The sense of listening? No Gemini is not familiar with this concept. He is more attentive to himself than to others. He loves hearing himself talk and interrupting others in their conversation, thinking with great arrogance that his ideas are more interesting.

He is a liar
Without being mean, Gemini is an inveterate liar who is able to create a story from scratch to exculpate a bad situation or simply to make the interesting and the beautiful in front of others. The worst is that he lies to himself, refusing to admit that there is a duality in his character. He thus tends to deny his oversized ego.

He is whimsical
Gemini is a sneaky being without really being a dreadful crook. However, he changes his mind as he changes his shirt and his versatile side is legendary; one day he can be attentive, the next day, totally indifferent. It is an astrological sign difficult to identify and unreliable.

He is shunning his responsibility
Once he creates a conflict between his friends or with his partner by disappearing without giving him sign of life, Gemini can be square in his answer as he can flee his responsibility, adopting a cold and calculating attitude.

He is unfaithful
A Gemini is known for his flighty and unfaithful side. He is unable to engage in love, at work, or in general. It will swoop from flower to flower like a butterfly without experiencing the slightest desire for stability. To lead a double life for a Gemini is quite normal and will always find an excuse for his bad behavior.

He is often anxious
Gemini is often anxious because of his inability to connect with his inner being. Most often he represses his emotions and rarely introspects to manage them. Hence his excessive chatter. He prefers to live a superficial life based on the admiration of others instead of trying to overcome the complexities as well as the dissatisfactions that gnaw at him from within.

He is a manipulator
His sociable side allows him to align with all situations and all kinds of people. However, he can be a perfect manipulator to get what he wants and achieve his goals. Unscrupulous, he can manipulate others with the utmost ease and hypocrisy in order to take advantage of every situation.

He has too light a mind
Gemini deepens nothing and is not interested in any interesting conversation, which he avoids with pleasure. Humor is his only strong point, which he tries, under any pretext, to introduce in each conversation to play the interesting.

Dear Gemini, Stop talking, move and silence your ego that dominates all your thoughts. Be attentive to your soul and your heart, that is how you will impress others.
Gemini Are Liars, Cheats And Thieves And Everyone Knows It