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Ginger Tea Aids Digestion, Keeps Rum Away, Reduces Weight Loss And Much More (Recipe)

Ginger Tea Aids Digestion, Keeps Rum Away, Reduces Weight Loss And Much More (Recipe)

The use of ginger as a powerful natural remedy dates back thousands of years. Current science confirms the benefits of fresh ginger tea, which has benefits that go far beyond its ability to treat nausea.

Why is ginger good for your health?

In recent years, scientists have begun to understand exactly the powerful effect of ginger on human health. Research shows that ginger contains many powerful compounds such as gingerol, shogaol, paradol and zingerone. However, gingerol, in particular, would be responsible for most of the beneficial effects of ginger.

According to a study by RMG Biosciences, ginger can effectively inhibit inflammation with its gingerol content.

According to another study by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, ginger is effective against the pathogenic strains of viruses, fungi and bacteria that contribute to many diseases.

6 benefits of ginger tea

1. Soothes the stomach
According to a study conducted by Chiang Mai University in Thailand, ginger has the ability to reduce nausea and vomiting in pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy. In addition, according to another 2012 study by the University of Rochester Medical Center in the United States, ginger reduces the severity of nausea induced by chemotherapy in adult patients with cancer.

2. Improves immunity
Ginger tea can help strengthen the immune system. It is often used against the symptoms of colds, allergies and respiratory infections as an effective natural remedy.

Ginger has powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. A Taiwanese study has shown that ginger can effectively protect against respiratory tract infections.

3. Protects the health of the brain
In a study conducted by the University of Khon Kaen, Thailand, and published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, taking ginger extract for two months improves women's attention and cognitive function. middle age. Similarly, according to another 2011 study, ginger protects against brain damage and improves memory in rats.

4. Relieves pain
Ginger has also shown an ability to reduce muscle and joint pain, and even the severity of menstrual cramps.

According to a study published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism, ginger extract is able to significantly reduce knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. The study involved 261 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee who were divided into 2 groups. After 6 weeks, the percentage of patients who experienced a reduction in standing knee pain was higher in the group receiving the ginger extract compared to the control group.

5. Increases weight loss
A review of articles by the University of Medical Sciences in Tabriz, Iran, examined 27 scientific articles and found that ginger can contribute to weight loss by increasing fat breakdown, blocking the absorption of fat. fats and decreasing appetite.

Looking to lose your extra pounds? Start your day with a cup of hot ginger tea to start burning fat and lose weight fast.

6. Supports digestive health
In a study conducted in Taiwan, taking ginger showed an improvement in gastric motility and doubled the rate of gastric emptying to help prevent dyspepsia or indigestion. Ginger powder has also been shown to be effective in protecting against the formation of aspirin-induced stomach ulcers in rats, according to a Japanese animal study conducted in 2011.

How to make ginger tea?
While you can easily find ginger tea bags at the supermarket, preparing it at home with fresh ginger is very simple and definitely more effective.

Take a piece of ginger 5 cm, peel the skin and cut your ginger into thin slices. You can use a spoon to peel and scrape the skin.

Put the ginger in a pan of water and boil. Then remove it from the fire and filter it. You can also add a piece of lemon, honey and a pinch of turmeric (once the drink has cooled to benefit from its virtues) to enjoy the benefits of these ingredients added to ginger.

You can drink this hot tea or let it cool and drink it as a refreshing drink.

Caution :
Although rare, some people may have a ginger allergy. If you experience symptoms of food allergy after drinking ginger tea, stop drinking immediately and talk to your doctor.

Ginger is also not recommended for pregnant women after the 1st trimester of pregnancy, for weak persons and diabetics.
Ginger Tea Aids Digestion