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I'm Not A Person Who Gives Up Easily, But If I Decide To Leave, You Can Forget Me

I'm Not A Person Who Gives Up Easily, But If I Decide To Leave, You Can Forget Me

To all people with a tender heart, who are quick to bond and who forgive others by aspiring to understand them, to all those who work hard to arrange things and to find compromises, know that you have an extraordinary quality. . At a time when you give up at the slightest difficulty, you make the choice to repair what is damaged rather than to get rid of it.

A beautiful quality
It is human to make mistakes. You know it well and when the people around you do it, you try to understand the reasons. You give others the benefit of the doubt and always give them new opportunities.

It's quick to invade your heart, and it's that big heart that guides you to find solutions and leads you to understanding, forgiveness, and honest efforts to make things right.

Your kindness has its limits

When a person does not care
Yet your kindness, however vast, has its limits. Because you can fight to make things work, when the person in front of you does not lift a finger, simply because she does not care about you and she makes fun of your relationship you know how to keep your dignity and you do not hesitate to leave.

When she makes you suffer
If a person makes you suffer, makes you cry and brings you stress, negative emotions and pain, you will move away, because you do not allow that one hurts you by treating you like an old sock.

You know what you're worth
You know your value and you know what you deserve. You deserve to be loved as you love, to be given as you give and to be surrounded by people who value you and want your good.

When you decide it's too much
You never seek to end a relationship, but sometimes you are left with no choice. It is by his vile behavior that a person pushes you to leave: when you realize that all your efforts are in vain, that your kindness has cost you a fortune, that you will gain nothing if not more suffering, you decide to you go away. And when you leave, it's never to return.

Know how to recognize the harmful people
Sometimes you may not recognize the people who hurt you. Because there are people who drain your energy, torment you and tirade you psychologically without you realizing it, here's how to recognize them and move you away from them to make you feel better, safer, more confident and more fulfilled.

They keep complaining
For the toxic people, nothing seems to go well in their life and they do not stop to lament their fate. They are never short of criticism and radiate negative waves.

They are egocentric
Because such people are convinced that they are the center of the world and that you are there only to assist them, to listen to them and to serve them, they are not really interested in you and they will turn their backs on you when you are in need.

They are bad
People who lie, steal and injure others intentionally are to be avoided. Stay away from their wickedness and negativity, and you will feel much better.

They steal your time
Some people have no qualms about coming to your home and your life. They do not take into account your feelings by becoming embedded in your life and by imposing their presence, their activities and their problems. Such people are thieves of time and energy that you would gain from escaping.