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Lack Of Sleep Makes You Feel Bad

Lack Of Sleep Makes You Feel Bad

How good it is to sleep! The effect of sleep on health is immediate. We sleep for about eight hours and a posteriori, we notice a colorful look, relaxed features, pink lips, healthier skin and relaxed muscles.

Ready to start a new day, people who have a good pace of sleep, consistently, enjoy a lot of benefits on those who sleep little, they are even more beautiful according to a scientific study reported by our colleagues of the Standard newspaper.

Global well-being
Among our vital needs, we find sleep. Indeed, daily nights lasting 7 to 8 hours offer many benefits because sleep helps to: manage stress, strengthen the immune system, regenerate cells, improve mood and reduce irritability. Similarly, quality sleep reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes or Alzheimer's disease. According to a study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (USA), a lack of sleep causes an increase in the production of beta-amyloid protein in the elderly. The latter is at the origin of memory loss and communication disorders between neurons.

Sleep, a beauty ally
Not to mention that sleep would be a beauty ally. A study conducted by Dr. Tina Sundelin at the Karolinska Institute in Stokhom, Sweden, revealed that lack of sleep alters a person's physique. For example, male and female volunteers aged between 18 and 47 participated in a scientific experiment. They were asked to sleep 8 hours during the first two days and 4 hours during the last two days. A photographer took them one by one in photo, natural, every day to make the comparison. The goal is to analyze the aesthetic damage of lack of sleep. The photos were viewed by a group of 122 people. They all found that volunteers seemed smarter, healthier and more inviting after long nights of sleep when, on the contrary, they seemed totally repulsive when they were not sleepy.

Indeed, sleeping 4 hours is far from enough. We are quickly marked by fatigue: the complexion is tarnished and the skin is prone to premature aging and skin problems.

Sleep is one of the essential keys to attractiveness

The benefits of sleeping longer therefore promote inner health because it is seen from the outside as well. Sleeping well makes you beautiful and attractive. Physical and moral well-being will give you a bright aura and brighten your day. Dr. Tina Sundelin told The Sun, a famous British newspaper, that the lack of rest made pale faces, wrinkled skin, bloodshot eyes and droopy eyelids. She also adds, "These findings suggest that sleep loss can be detected on a face and that people are less likely to interact with an individual deprived of sleep. It's true that it does not make you want to approach ... So follow these tips to sleep better!

Tips for better sleep

· Adopt a daily ritual at bedtime (reading, writing, care)

· Avoid screens an hour before bedtime

· Sleep in a room between 16 ° C and 18 ° C

· Have a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, regular physical activity, proper hydration)

· Avoid exciting products such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine

· Opt for relaxing activities at the end of the day (meditation, yoga, knitting, soft music)

· Focus on relaxing herbal teas with verbena, chamomile, orange blossom or lime after dinner

· Give priority to comfortable bedding and a good sleeping position.

Lack Of Sleep Makes You Feel Bad