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This New Lime Recipe Goes Around The Social Media, It Allows To Lose 11 Pounds In 9 Days

This New Lime Recipe Goes Around The Social Media, It Allows To Lose 11 Pounds In 9 Days

The benefits of lemon on health are no longer to disassemble. This fruit with many health virtues has long been used by practitioners of traditional medicine to cure a wide range of diseases, and its effectiveness continues to intrigue scientists around the world. But did you know that lemon can help you lose weight?

Try this recipe with water and lemon, and discover the truth yourself!

In order to lose weight, many people are ready to use extremely dangerous and health-damaging methods such as certain chemical-based drugs, cosmetic surgery, and the list is still long ... And if you were told that you can boost your weight loss by using natural and safe ingredients for your health? Here's a lemon water recipe that will help you get rid of fat bumps while taking care of your body.

Lemon: A true slimming ally
Known since time immemorial for its incredible therapeutic virtues, lemon, whether yellow or green, is an inexhaustible source of vitamins and minerals, the latter can help fight against a variety of digestive diseases, cardiovascular, inflammatory and respiratory.

In addition, nutrition experts all agree that lemon is one of the best foods to use to promote weight loss while detoxifying the body. This is explained by its rich vitamin C which promotes digestion and boosts the production of a hormone: norepinephrine. The latter breaks down and burns fat. In addition, lemon contains pectin which is known for its satiating power. This substance in contact with water swells in the stomach and reduces appetite.

Here is a simple and easy recipe based on lemon and water that you can consume in order to fight against the extra pounds:


- 5 fresh lemons untreated.
- 2 to 3 liters of filtered water.
- Two teaspoons of organic honey.


- Thoroughly wash your lemons using white vinegar and water to get rid of all impurities.
- Cut the lemons in half, squeeze them, and pour their juice into a glass.
- In a saucepan, put the bark of the squeezed lemons, add two to three liters of water, and bring to a boil.
- Remove from heat, filter the lemon peel, and allow the mixture to cool.
- Pour the mixture into a clean glass bottle, add the honey, and the lemon juice, then mix.
- Put your drink in the fridge for 1 to 2 days, and have a drink every morning on an empty stomach, and before meals.
- You can flavor your drink by adding a few fresh mint leaves, a cinnamon stick or any other aroma of your choice.

What are the other tips to follow in order to lose weight?

- Know that weight loss does not rhyme with deprivation and frustration. Try to adopt a healthy and balanced diet, choose fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, and avoid eating foods that are too fat, too sweet or too salty.
- Do intense or moderate sports activities such as walking, aerobics, or swimming, they will help you get rid of the extra pounds.
- Ban the cigarette, and limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages, they can cause you a lot of diseases, while preventing you from losing weight.
- Having a good quality of sleep will allow you to feel in top form, regulate your appetite, and you will avoid nibbling between meals, so be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day.
- Hydrate your body by drinking a sufficient amount of water (at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day).

Warnings :
If you have gastric ulcer, biliary or renal disorders, heartburn, it is not recommended to consume lemon. This trick is to be done in a 2-week course to renew 3 times a year and not to follow all the time because excessive consumption of lemon can cause decalcification of bones or ulcers.
 New Lime Recipe