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November 11, 2018 Will Be The Day Of Transformation, Opportunity And Abundance

November 11, 2018 Will Be The Day Of Transformation, Opportunity And Abundance

We may notice numbers and numbers that are repeated often without paying attention. It's a strange phenomenon to find numbers on a clock like 11:11, 15:15, or just the same numbers that are repeated on license plates or receipts. Is it a mere coincidence or a message from the universe?

Numerology is a science that is based on numbers and their symbolism. Thus, each figure is representative of a symbol that can decipher our personality or explain the manifestation of revealing events.

The year 2018 is quite special and the number 11 is just as much since we are approaching the 11th day of the 11th month of the universal year of 11 years (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11). Thus, the 11: 11: 11 is a sign that our transformation will begin.

What does the number 11 represent
In numerology, the 11th symbolizes intuition, will, courage, sensitivity, consciousness but also contradiction. Through the 11, many situations seem to find a denouement and the energy seems to flow in a fluid way without efforts. This figure reflects spirituality, aspiration combining dream and invention, the influence associating creativity, instinct and rapid manifestations.

This figure holds as well, the ignition spark of the number 1 as the soothing qualities of the number 2, giving in association, the "master number" 11 which is a manifesto of the ascent.

Moreover, besides its powerful powers, it should be noted that the 11 is a number that also carries the energy of stress and anxiety. Also, its power can be destructive if it is not well directed and oriented.

The revelations of the triple figure in power

The 11th of November 2018, translated as 11: 11: 11, is the most powerful opening of the decade towards a rapid expansion of personal power and abundance.

Since the beginning of the year, the number 11 has not ceased to remind us how powerful and full of energy it is to build and create exceptional things.

This year, Master Number 11 will offer great opportunities but will also bring great challenges to bear. Like all potential numbers, the 11 requires mastery, time, and patience for achievement, which is why the past 11 months have not been very conclusive or beneficial.

The good news is that master numbers do not manifest themselves until the second half of their cycle.

Also, for the year 2018, it is towards the end of the year that the transformation will take place to leave room for the ease, the success and the abundance.

This climb has already begun during the period from October 31 to December 31, considered as a vibrant portal of positive energies and paving the way for future bigger achievements for a more powerful new year.

Thus, magnificent transformations are to be expected with a particularly intense energy. As a result, it will be a good opportunity to seize the power of this triple issue to call for unlimited abundance in every aspect of our lives and to enjoy a prosperous year.